Love and Romance Tips – Keeping a Relationship Alive

In any serious relationship between a man and a woman, love and romance always comes into the picture like two peas in a pod. Most people always associate love with romance or the other way around. But can love exist without romance or can romance exist without love?

What is love? In a previous article I wrote, love was described as unfathomable or profound. It is a long lasting and intense feeling of attraction for another person that has no parameters, no boundaries or no limits. What then is romance? Some describe romance as an imaginative state of mind. It is a dreamy and romantic feeling which tends to be excitingly and intensely directed to another person.

So when love and romance is brought into a relationship then it blends into a long lasting and excitingly intense dreamy feeling of attraction directed to another person without limits. Love and romance is then a must in any relationship to keep it alive. Take a look at some love and romance tips that will keep a relationship alive:


  • Express your love. Do not let a day pass by when you do not say ‘I love you!’ to each other. Do it everyday and every chance you get. Say it out loud, through text (SMS) messages or through emails so that you will both think of each other often.
  • Adore each other. Appreciate what each one of you have brought into the relationship and accept each other’s faults and imperfections. Loving each other in spite of your flaws will strengthen the relationship.
  • Do not take each other for granted. Always take time out to ask each other what happened to your day. Always have time for each other. Being sensitive of each other’s moods at all times will enrich the relationship.
  • Be tolerant of each other’s mood swings. You are both only human and are prone to mood swings that sometimes just come and go. Indulge in each other’s emotions to maintain tranquility in the relationship.
  • Boost each other up. Never contradict each other. When one is feeling low, the other should boost him/her up. If both of you will act negatively during bad times then you will both end up feeling low and losing hope. Give each other a boost always to enhance the relationship.
  • Be passionate to each other. The fervor and the excitement in the relationship should always be there. Kindle the fires of passion and maintain the enthusiasm in the relationship.


There are a lot of love and romance tips describing how to show love and how to stir up the romance with your partner. However, all these tips will not be successful if you are both doing them out of love and without the passion to keep the relationship alive.

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