It seems like your clothes don’t fit you anymore as they did in the past, and you are having a really hard time because you want to shrink fibroids as soon as possible. There might be a case that your belly has started looking a little lumpy, and on top of that, you have the constant urge to urinate. And If you are tired of getting asked “how far along are you,” then you are at the right place because, in this article, we will share with you all of the methods that you can use to shrink your fibroids with ease.

But the question is, how can you deal with your fibroids? Let’s face it, it isn’t exactly something for which you can head to your local magical items selling store and purchase a time machine that can take you back to some years ago or can immediately transform you by reversing the growth of your fibroids. There are a lot of things that you cannot change, but shrinking fibroids isn’t among those things.

You might be aware that a hysterectomy is a potential option for you, but what if you aren’t ready for going that path yet? Here are some of the safest ways to shrink your fibroids, which you can use to potentially avoid hysterectomy while shrinking your fibroids.

Do absolutely nothing

You might have received advice that fibroids tend to shrink around menopause, though it might not be the case. If you are feeling safe, and the fibroids aren’t life-threatening, and you aren’t feeling anxious, then waiting might be the wisest choice for you. But what about those people who aren’t approaching their menopause? The thought might have crossed your mind that “if I was interested in doing absolutely nothing at all, why would I have clicked on the article in this first place.”

You might not know that almost seven percent of the fibroids shrink on their own when you are just sitting idly and doing nothing. Although if you are young and tired of waiting, you should consider other options that are listed below.

Have a baby

Now, this is not something that you should do because you want to get rid of those fibroids. There are several other factors that you should weigh before you reach any decision. These factors include a stable relationship, financial stability, parental skills, and time. Then there are some other details attached to all of these factors. You should really think it through. Going through all that misery for nine months will all pay you back, but your fibroids will grow a little before things get better.

Additionally, your problem will be resolved, but you should be left with other challenges, such as raising a child and the pain related to the postpartum period. That said, pregnancy can improve your condition and can improve fibroids. In some of the cases, some of the fibroids will shrink and even disappear postpartum, so if you are looking forward to having a baby, along with shrinking your fibroids, then now is the time that you should go for it.


Mifepristone has shown results in the past and is recommended by many experts. It is a result-driven drug that has shown promising results as it can easily reduce the size of fibroids and decrease the overall symptoms of these. It might be hard for you to get the right drug for you. But you might get your hands on some at your local pharmacy.


Ulipristal is another drug that can do wonders for you. It can decrease the fibroid size by almost twenty percent and can control bleeding. Ulipristal is safe for usage in small amounts, and you should refrain from taking too much of it. In some areas, only larger doses are available, so you have to manage the dose yourself or consult a doctor for proper dosage.


Although the drug is commonly used before a patient goes to fibroids surgery, but it is heavily recommended by experts because it can drastically improve the condition of the patient by decreasing the overall fibroid size and can remove the symptoms. But there are strings attached if you use Leuprolide. One drawback of using it is that myomectomy might be difficult for you. It is mainly used to make the whole hysterectomy process easier and make it faster. There are different side effects of Leuprolide. Your bone health might be affected, and you might feel some symptoms of menopause after using Leuprolide.


Myolysis isn’t a traditional approach to operating on fibroids. During this process, the patient doesn’t stay in the hospital overnight, but it is an outpatient laparoscopic technique to destroy the fibroids. There are numerous technologies that can be used to perform myolysis, while the most prominent of all is radiofrequency (RFA). And according to the most recent researches, by undertaking this approach, it was noted that fibroids shrunk by almost 45%.

Although there isn’t much information about myolysis on the internet, still from what we have gathered, it isn’t yet known that the process has any effect on future pregnancies or not. It hasn’t been compared to other treatments, and there isn’t enough information as to how often you will be needing another surgery. The research on myolysis and its results are still underway, and therefore it is highly recommended that you take the advice of an expert before undertaking this process.

Uterine Artery Embolization

It has been around for almost ten years now and has shown promise when treating fibroids. According to research, the patients who undertook the Uterine Artery Embolization process have shown quite improvements as their fibroid size reduced by almost 45%. Although the whole operation has shown favorable output, it still has its drawbacks. According to the research, the whole process might have some negative effects on future pregnancies, and many patients might still need an invasive procedure.

Focused Ultrasound

Focused Ultrasound isn’t something that you should be afraid of. It is used to heat the fibroid layers. But there are strings attached with this option too. Firstly, only certain-sized fibroids can be treated with this method, and secondly, there aren’t many centers that will allow you to undertake such extreme measures. Additionally, these treatment centers will not allow you to lay in the MRI machine for a long time, as it is dangerous for your health.

Frequently asked questions about shrinking fibroids.

Here are some of the questions that readers ask a lot about fibroids, their solutions, and the possible side effects.

What doesn’t shrink fibroids?

Going on a diet and non-prescription therapies and yoga will not shrink the fibroids. Although these can decrease the risk of developing fibroids in the first place. But there is no evidence to prove this. Additionally, herbal therapies cannot shrink fibroids. Don’t fall into the trap of those people who are selling herbal remedies. The drugs that they recommend are unsafe and aren’t tested to see if they are result-driven or not.

What are the signs of fibroids shrinking?

You might feel acute abdominal pain that will stay for some days to a few weeks. On top of that, your abdomen will swell. In some cases, it was noted that the patient developed a fever that stayed for almost a week.

How can I reduce the size of my fibroids naturally?

You should cut back on alcohol, follow a Mediterranean diet, balance your estrogen levels, and get enough vitamin D. Don’t cut back on food, and avoid smoking.

How can you dissolve fibroids?

There are cases in which fibroids were treated with hormonal medications. Medications can shrink the fibroids and ease the symptoms attached to them. If you want to undergo surgery for removing fibroids, you should know that either just the fibroids or your entire uterus will be removed.

Can fibroids come out as clots?

Fibroids have a direct effect on the menstrual blood flow, and that is why even the smallest fibroids can cause large blood clots during your periods and can also cause heavy bleeding. Although fibroids cannot come out as clots from your vagina.

Do fibroids hurt when shrinking?

In many cases, the patient experienced excruciating cramping during their periods because of the fibroids. Although, the main symptoms of shrinking fibroids are that the patient feels an acute stabbing pain and swelling in their abdomen. The pain that the women feel is because of the release of chemicals from the fibroids as they are dying.

What fruit can shrink fibroid?

According to a recent study, eating a lot of fruits such as apples, tomatoes, and vegetables such as broccoli and cabbage can lower the risk of developing fibroids in a woman’s body. And eating these kinds of fruits can really help in improving the overall symptoms of fibroids.

Can fasting shrink fibroids?

Fasting is proven to have many health benefits and plays a vital role in shrinking fibroids. Numerous studies have suggested that a well-conducted fast that involves drinking water and resting can substantially decrease the size of fibroids. On top of that, fasting can also address other issues arising from fibroids. It is the only home remedy that is without any side effects.

How To Shrink Fibroids Fast

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