How to get pregnant fast



Once you have made up your mind about getting pregnant, there is no use in waiting for it to happen. Although, there is a limitation that mother nature has a hand in timing but there are still numerous things that you can undertake or avoid to further increase your chances of getting pregnant fast. Here are some expert tips in this regard to help you get pregnant fast.

Get a preconception checkup.

Before you undertake the whole project and officially start trying to conceive, get a preconception checkup. Talk to your doctor about which medications to take, such as prenatal vitamins containing folic acid, etc. Taking prenatal medicines will help your child fight against birth defects and play a vital role in your child’s growth. Folic acid can work like a charm during the early stages of being pregnant. Therefore, it is crucial that you are getting enough of it before you officially start trying. Paula Hillard MD, who works as a professor at Stanford University, said that women should start taking folic acid before they start trying for a safe and healthy pregnancy.

Track your cycle

How to get pregnant fast – Do you know anything about your menstrual cycle? If yes, then how much do you know about it? Keeping track of your cycle is the most crucial thing to do if you are trying to get pregnant. Getting to know about your cycle will help you understand when you are the most fertile, said Hillard. The expert also shared her views and said that ovulation is the only best time to conceive, and during this time, one should focus on having sex. Keeping track of the menstrual cycle can help you become more aware of the signs of ovulation. You will feel a slight change in your mucus during ovulation as it will become really thin and slippery. In some cases, women also feel a twinge of pain on one side. There are numerous kits in the market that can help you with predicting the best time to get pregnant. If you are not having sex on time, these kits will tell you when to have sex to increase your chances of getting pregnant. Joanne Piscitelli, a professor at Duke University Medical Center, says that the whole thing works in the way that the first day when you are menstruating is considered day one. You have to start taking a pregnancy test on the 9th day and keep taking it until you get your desired result.

Don’t get worried over the best positions to get pregnant.

Many myths are circulating about the best positions for conceiving, but these are just myths and have no truth attached to these whatsoever. No scientific explanation and evidence suggest that women being on top of the man has fewer chances of getting pregnant than the missionary position. Goldfarb shares her opinion and says that it happens rarely, that a woman’s cervix is in an unusual position, but this doesn’t make any difference at all. However, certain positions defy the rule of gravity, which can discourage the sperm from traveling upstream. Therefore it is suggested that for getting pregnant quickly, one must have sexual intercourse while lying somewhere.

Don’t get up right after intercourse.

There are many myths attached to this too. You might have heard that you must lie in your bed with your legs in the air after having sex to increase your chances of getting pregnant. But no evidence can suggest that doing so increases the chances of conceiving. However, here is a little advice: you must lay in your bed for at least 10 minutes after having sex to increase your chances. But, you don’t have to lift your feet up in the air, as your pelvis doesn’t even move even if you do so. It is strongly suggested that you shouldn’t go to the bathroom either, rather stay in bed for some time and let your body process everything.

Do not overdo it.

Having sex on a daily basis doesn’t mean that you will get pregnant faster. Sexual intercourse is just meant to get you pregnant, and overdoing it will not help you. Generally speaking, every other night when you are ovulating will help increase your chances; however, there is another thing to keep in mind too. Sperm can live inside your body for almost five days before it dies; therefore, it is suggested that you should keep having sex, irrespective of the fact that you are ovulating or not. Speaking about sperms, another fact should be considered too. Wearing tight clothes can negatively affect the sperm count. Therefore, ask your man to wear loose clothes for some time. According to a study, men who spent much time with a hands-free device with their cellphones or kept their cell near to their testicles had poor sperm count than the people who didn’t. Additionally, ask your man to avoid eating soy foods and pass on the edamame for a while.

Avoid all the stress.

For getting pregnant faster, stop stressing yourself with every little thing. You shouldn’t feel worried about starting a family. You have the right to roll your eyes if someone asks you to relax, but stress can really affect you emotionally and physically. It can disrupt and interfere with ovulation; therefore, the most relaxed you feel, the better it will be for increasing your chances. Spend your time in any activity that can help you de-stress, but make sure that it is healthy. Evidence has suggested that people can reduce their stress levels if they get acupuncture. Some other data has also pointed towards the fact that acupuncture can really help you increase your chances of getting pregnant. Some people advise that drinking too much alcohol isn’t a brilliant idea when you are trying to get pregnant, but Goldfarb says that a glass of wine wouldn’t hurt you.

Try spending your time on healthy activities.

There is nothing as healthy as doing exercise. It is a healthy habit and will let you keep your ideal weight. However, it isn’t suggested that you should spend your time overdoing exercise all the time. Evidence has suggested that too much exercise can cause you not to ovulate. But what’s too much? It is entirely different for every woman. If you are an avid exerciser and you get your period on time, your routine will not cause you any problem. However, there will be minor setbacks. These setbacks include you will have a shorter second half of your cycle. This means that having too much exercise can really shorten your ovulation phase. Avoid smoking at all costs to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Things to avoid while trying for pregnancy

There are many mistakes that people make while having baby-making sex. Therefore, when it comes to getting pregnant fast, you should avoid using lube. Some people think that lubricants can help the sperm get through quickly, but the truth is that they can actually work against the pregnancy efforts and will hinder the progress.

Try, try again

Don’t get worried over little things. Data have shown that almost half the couples are trying to get pregnant within the first six months, and nearly 80 percent of the couples conceive within one year. So, you shouldn’t get worried if you didn’t get pregnant on your first try. It is possible that the circumstances might not be appropriate for the pregnancy to happen. If you don’t get the desired result, you should try again. There is also a chance that you might have miscalculated your fertility days. Don’t lose heart and give it a second try again. Let the things run their due course, and you will finally see the result.

Bottom line

Getting pregnant fast is everyone’s dream, and the only way to make it possible is to follow all the tips that are mentioned above. For more queries and questions, always feel free to contact us, and we will ensure to answer your questions.


How can I get pregnant in two days?

Having baby sex every second day will increase your chances of getting pregnant and will also be helpful for you too. As the sperms can live for almost five days inside the vagina, this means that no matter what, there will always be fresh sperms inside your system when you are ovulating.

What age is the best to conceive?

Many experts have suggested that the best time to conceive is during your late 20’s and early 30’s. Getting pregnant during this age is healthy for you and your baby too. However, age is just a factor that shouldn’t limit you from getting pregnant. Therefore, you should try to get pregnant if you want, irrespective of age.

How to get pregnant on your first try?

For some people, it is easy to get pregnant on their first try. Most people can get pregnant on their first try if they do unprotected sex. But it is essential that you are ovulating during that period to get the desired results.

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