All of us are aware of that email forward that says how often do men think about sex  and statistically speaking every seven seconds. But is there any truth to it? Let’s find out. Most people have thought about this idea as far from the truth as there is no way that men could think about sex randomly every seven seconds. Although, rather than wondering about the truth behind it, let’s stop for a moment and just consider that if we can prove it or not.

Speaking about stats, thinking about sex every seven seconds can add up to a hefty total of 514 times per hour, which means roughly 7200 times every day. Is it a lot? I know that the number is enormous, as it is bigger than the number of thoughts that I have about anything in a day.

The first research

To measure thoughts, the scientific attempt is known to psychologists as “experience sampling” was introduced.

It included interrupting people as they went about their daily routine and asking them to record whatever they are thinking right at that moment and in that place. Terri Fisher and her research associates at the Ohio University undertook the “experience sampling” project by using “clickers” to find the truth behind the statement that men think about sex every seven seconds.

These clickers were given to a total of 283 college students, and then these students were divided into three groups. These students were then asked to press and record each time they randomly thought about food, sex, or sleep.

By undertaking this method, they found out that an average man thinks about sex about 19 times a day. Now, the number was relatively larger than the woman in their study. According to that research, women had about ten thoughts per day. Additionally, the men also had more thoughts about food and sleep than the women. The study concluded that men are prone to indulgent impulses generally, or they count their vaguest feelings as thoughts.

The most crucial aspect of the study was that there were varying results for each individual as some people said that they thought about sex only once per day, while one of the top respondents said that he thought about sex almost 388 numbers of times. This means that he thought about sex every two minutes.

However, there is a problem with the study itself. The study is meant to address how often men think about sex, but there are “ironic processes” also involved in the study. It means that when a person starts thinking about something, even if he tries to forget it, the thought just comes back to his mind. It is known as the white bear problem.

For example, if you want to have some kind of cruel fun, you can ask a child to put their hands in the air and only put their hands down if they have stopped thinking about the white bear. It isn’t easy to forget the white bear for them, as the thought comes back to his mind itself.

This is precisely what might have happened to the students involved in the study that Fisher, along with her associates, conducted. They were given a clicker and asked to record every time if they thought about any of the three basic needs, i.e., food, sex, and sleep.

Just imagine all those people going away from the psychology department, trying hard to forget about sex all that time, yet also feeling the pressure of pressing the clicker every time they think about anything.

According to your majesty’s thoughts, the poor man who clicked the clicker 388 times went mad because of the white bear problem and was also a victim of the nature of the experiment he was part of.

The second research

Wilhelm Hoffman and colleagues also researched to find out how often to men think about sex. Under the tarp of this experiment, the volunteers were given smartphones, which sent them a notification seven times a day, randomly. These volunteers had to record what they were thinking about at the time of notification. The whole idea behind the experiment was to give free space to the people so that they can let their minds wander peacefully.

The results weren’t as compelling as Fisher’s study and can’t be compared to Fisher’s analysis. However, the results concluded that men don’t think about sex every seven seconds. The study reported that the whole statement was a myth as the volunteers recorded a sexual thought on approximately 4% of occasions.

The real shocker behind Hoffman’s study is that sex wasn’t the primary thought that the people recorded. People noted that they thought about food, sleep, social contact, and coffee a lot more than they thought about sex. A sexual thought only became predominant only at the end of the day, and even at that time, sleep was a more dominant thought than sex.

If we take a wider lens, we can clearly see that Hoffman’s research and method are also contaminated by what we referred to as the “white bear effect.” This is because the people knew that they would be asked to record what they have been thinking about at some point in their daily routine. This might have resulted in overestimate thoughts. On the other hand, people might have felt embarrassed about admitting their overall sexual thoughts or desires; that is why they might haven’t reported those.

Do men really think about sex every seven seconds?

You might have received this email forward wisdom in your inbox that men think about sex every seven seconds. Even though the idea has no proof to back the whole thing up and one can easily find all kinds of bogus statistics to prove that all men are sex-crazed pigs and nothing more.

It is yet not clear that how many times does a man thinks about sex daily, even though there are many types of research conducted in this arena. There isn’t any scientific technology that can scrape out or calculate one’s sexy brain waves.

According to a new study that is published in the Journal of Sex Research, men think about sex more often than women do. But the numbers aren’t far from each other. According to the study, men think about sex 19 times a day, and that is okay, being their nature, but an average woman thinks about sex almost ten times a day.

If a man really thought about sex every seven seconds, the numbers could have really surpassed 8000+ thoughts about sex per day, and that is huge.

how often to men think about sex


How often do men feel for sex?

According to research, a man thinks about having sex almost 19 times a day, on average, while a woman feels about having sex nearly ten times per day.

What do men think about sex?

There is a vast majority of men who fantasize during their sexual activity, and that is pretty normal, but there is an enormous proportion of other men too, who feel a little anxiety about the whole exercise.

Why do men want sex so much?

Men want sex because they want to feel valued or validated. They want to have sex with their partner to feel that they are needed. For some people, it is more about feeling the connection to their partner.

Why do men lose interest in sex?

Do men never lose interest in sex? Most people can even maintain some amount of sexual interest into their 60s and 70s, but they don’t lose interest. The thing is that they lose sex drive due to underlying conditions such as alcoholism, depression, and stress.

Do men get attached after sex?

It is possible that a man feels a sense of attachment after having sex with their partner, even if they weren’t interested in that person in the first place.

What does sex mean to a man?

Literally speaking, sex means much more to a man than just sexual intercourse. It empowers him that he can move a woman, and he is energetic and a provider. All that a man wants is to be a superhero, and after satisfying his partner, he feels like a superman.

What do men look for in a wife?

Just like women, men also have innate desires that they want to fulfill. They want a life partner that is trustworthy, reliable, and faithful. All they want is a partner that can be by their side through thick and thin.

How often should couples have sex?

Although the question is irrelevant to the article, couples must have sex once a week. According to experts, to keep the relationship from falling apart, a couple must have sex at least once a week. There are numerous other factors related to the question too. How much sex a couple should be having is dependent on their ages too.

Is it bad to have sex every day?

It is completely okay if a person wants to have sex every day. According to experts, it is pretty normal and healthy to have sex daily, as it is a proven stress buster.

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