Finding Your Inner Power Source – Self-Empowerment Tips For Women

When times are tough there may be many ways to get support but the most successful people achieve their ambitions by finding strength within them. No amount of wealth or support can substitute for inner resources.

Self-empowerment depends on skills that women can learn. Many women already have them – they only need development. Empowered women are on the way to accomplishing their goals and satisfying their needs, either as individuals or in their families and communities.

The Elements of Empowerment

Empowerment has many facets. It can be economic, political or social. Many women seek to empower themselves as a matter of personal development. Empowerment helps women find in themselves the resources to overcome setbacks and adversity. It’s a process that feeds on itself. Being pro-active improves self-esteem and effectiveness which in turn boosts confidence and self-image and earns respect from others.

Disempowered people are often marginalized by forces that seem to be beyond their control-that could be in the family, the workplace or the community. Whatever the particular scenario, individual empowerment is fundamental. Group empowerment depends on individuals who have developed the positive outlook, skills and motivation to take the steps that can make a difference.

Women Empowering Themselves

Though much has been done to address gender discrimination, women remain more likely to find themselves disempowered in a variety of situations, especially in the family and in the workplace. The solution is clear: women need to seek out, build and claim power. The method for achieving a particular goal may require much thought and work, but personal empowerment is the place to start.

By realizing self-potential women can take on other, and bigger, problems. Proof of this can be seen in marginalized communities in African and other under-developed countries where women’s initiatives have empowered not only themselves but whole communities.

Strategies for Empowerment

Education: Education enables women to discover ways to achieve their goals. Knowledge is power. Knowing the options available for the tasks we want to accomplish is essential to making the best decisions.

Decision-making skills: Making confident decisions is easier with good knowledge of available choices. Education provides analytical skills to help in decision-making and evaluating risk.

Positive thinking and attitude: A defeatist or pessimistic attitude can destroy motivation and stop people from even starting to try to improve their lives and circumstances. Numerous psychological studies have shown that patterns of negative thinking can be altered with cognitive therapies. A simple gratitude journal can help maintain a positive attitude.

Self-esteem and confidence-building: Education and a track record of achievements, no matter how small, can boost confidence and self-esteem and foster initiative. Initiative is a matter of creative thinking, knowledge and confidence.

Interpersonal/communication skills: Many things in life require persuasion and co-operation with others. Good communication skills help move things forward.

By developing their skills and awareness, individually or collectively, women can empower themselves in order to realize their potential, with benefits for themselves and their loved ones.

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