Waterwise Water Distiller Reviews

If you are looking for the best water distiller, Waterwise water distillers cannot disappoint you, because they can provide you with 100% purified water/distilled water. A Waterwise distiller is not just a filter, which is more reliable and effective.

On the market, there are 3 most popular models you can choose from: Waterwise 4000, Waterwise 8800 and Waterwise 9000. Each of them has their unique features. Before buying one of them, reading some reviews is a good choice.

Waterwise 4000 Water Distiller


The design of this model is very simple, but it can give you what you really want. A glass water jug is included. This model can distill 1 gallon water in 4 hours and after 1 gallon cycle it will be shut off automatically. The condenser is durable because of its stainless steel material. The operation is very simple and it is easy to clean it. The portable and compact design is also useful, saving more countertop space for you. The storage bottle can easily fit inside the refrigerator. If you want to bring it to travel, you can put the storage bottle into the condenser, not occupying extra space in your luggage case.

If you have this distiller, all the contaminants can be effectively removed. Boiled water only can kill cysts, viruses and bacterial, but distillation can leave behind salts, heavy metals, solids and other substances.

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Waterwise 8800 countertop water distiller


Another popular model is Waterwise 8800. If you want some advanced water distiller, this one is your best choice. Besides basic functions of a water distiller, this model is also a programmable distiller. You can program it when to start. It also provides digital LCD readout. Also it can make 1 gallon water for you in 4 hours. Both the boiler and storage bottle are removable. You can easily clean them. Also there is an indicator which can remind you of when to change the filters. The compact design makes it ideal for traveling. 99.9% contaminants can be removed. The manufacturer offers a 1-year limited warranty.

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Waterwise 9000 Countertop Distiller


The last Waterwise water distiller you should consider is this Waterwise 9000 model. This model is one of the best water distillers on the market. Many features are great.

Once you have got this one, on any installation and assembly are needed. You can use it to make 5 gallons in 24 hours right away. To improve its efficiency, the fan is delayed to start working after 30 minutes. The boiling tank is removable, which is helpful for quickly filling and cleaning. The condenser is also made of stainless steel not Aluminum. Also the manufacturer provides a 1-year limited warranty.

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Waterwise water distillers are very popular distillers on the market. Read some water distiller reviews and choose the best one for your family, then you will get pure water to drink. Buying a distiller is really a great investment in your health.


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