WaterWise 8800 home water distiller reviews

If you feel nervous about water you drink every day and would like to drink pure water, this Waterwise 8800 home water distiller may be the best choice. Except the main function which other distillers have, this model has its unique feature. It can be programmed to run any time you like. For example, you can program it to run at night and go to sleep. While you are sleeping, it can make distilled water for you. In the morning, pure water is prepared for you. Distilled water can be stored in your refrigerator. The lightweight and compact design also makes this model ideal for traveling. No matter where you are, if you have this distiller at hand, you can drink clean water all the time. This is useful when we travel to some developing countries where water is seriously polluted.


Distill one gallon water in 4 hours

This model is designed to distill one gallon water in 4 hours. Theoretically it can distill 6 gallons water a day if you keep it working all the time. The distilled water is not only for use but also can be used for your kitchen appliances. You can use distilled water to make coffee. You can use distilled water to cook. Also you can use distilled water to make juice.

Remove all the contaminants

Why do you need a distiller? It’s mainly because water is polluted by contaminants. These contaminants are harmful to our health. If we drink water with contaminants, we may get many serious diseases. The process of distilling can remove all contaminants. This Waterwise 8800 can do the job.

Active carbon filter used

In order to remove dissolved particles, this distiller also comes with an acitve carbon filter. This device is called carbon polishing, which is effective to remove dissolved particles.

Stainless steel design

Both the condenser and boiler are made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is more durable and stable than plastic and other materials. Because of its high corrosion resistance, stainless steel is widely used to hold food and water. It’s also easy to clean.

Programmable water distiller

The programmable feature is the unique feature of this best water distiller. Others don’t have this feature. There is a display screen to show the running status. You can program it to start to run at any time you like. The function is awesome. If you need 1 gallon clean water in the morning, you just preset time before you go to bed. In the morning, 1 gallon pure water is OK.

Easy Operation and smart shut-off

The use of this model is straightforward. You just fill the removable boiler with tap water, then plug it in and press the button to start distilling. You don’t need to watch the whole process. Just leave away; about 4 hours later, when you come back, it is shut off automatically.

Customer Reviews

There are over 30 customer reviews about this distiller. The average rating of this model is 3.7 out of 5 stars. Most people think this one is a must-have kitchen appliance. There are seldom negative reviews. The only problem reported by customers is that the carafe is prone to pour from when full.

Where to buy and get the best price

We find the best price is at Amazon. The original price is $499, but now you can buy it for a lower price. The discount is over 20%. This is really an essential healthy investment for you and your family.

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