Top 7 toys to make your child go to sleep comfortably

It is a nightmare that you child isn’t sleeping when it is time to go to bed. Many parents have such a nightmare. And most of them lose one’s head. To me, on the contrary, it is not a big problem for me. I have a trick. When my children aren’t sleeping, I give them toys, stuffed animals and similar products which can make them lie down to play these toys and finally fall asleep. If you have a similar problem, you can have a try.

Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light


Cloud B Twilight Constellation Night Light can bring the night sky into the baby’s room. A small nightlight can provide a strong light on the ceiling. Many children are afraid of the dark. If there is beautiful and soft light on the ceiling, their fears can be reduced. Besides the ceiling, it can give off a soft light anywhere you like. There are 3 colors and plenty of models for you to choose from. Generally, the nightlight can last for 45 minutes, which is long enough for your little one to go to sleep.

Kid’sleep Classic sleep aid clock


This Kid’sleep Classic sleep aid clock makes your baby know when to go to sleep and when to get up. The design of this toy is cute. One half picture is about a bunny during the day, going to school and happy, and another one half shows the same bunny is sleeping at night. It also has a naptime settting and can be used as an alarm clock(a rooster crowing and a bird chirping)

HALO Big Kid Sleep Sack


The littles ones are prone to kick off the blankets when they are sleeping. This HALO Big Kid Sleep Sack can help you prevent them from kicking off the blankets. It is a wearable blanket. It is made of warm fleece. It has holes for feet and has no sleeves, which can keep them warm but not over heat. There are many colors to choose from: purple, blue, red or pink up to size 5T. If you are worried about their warmness at night, you can wear them this wearable blanket.

Badger Badger Balm 2 oz


The main ingredients of this Badger Badger Balm are two spices: chamomile and lavender. These two spices can calm down the little one and make them relaxed.

The Monster Eater Kit


This Monster Eater kit is desined to eat any unwanted beast. The kit also includes a story book. The story is about Sophia and her friend the monster eater battle with the beast under the bed and removing any unwanted beast. This kit also comes with a bottle of Monster Repellent Spray. Very interesting, isn’t it?

Graco Sweet Slumber Sound Machine


This Graco Sweet Slumber Sound Machine can play MP3s, nature sounds and white noise. Many kids are afraid quiet at night. So these sounds can set them down.

Pajanimals Small Plush


Positive behaviors are very important to littles ones. This Pajanimals Small Plush is very cute. There are many characters: Squacky the duck, CowBella the cow, puppy Apollo and Sue the pony. The Pajanimals can make your kids learn more.


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