Top 5 Best Spice Rack Reviews

If you like cooking, you really need a place to store all your spices together. As aromatic seasonings, we can get spices from the bark, (cloves), fruit, roots, (ginger), (cinnamon), buds, (paprika), or seeds, (nutmeg), of plants. There are so many spices and you may think you can place them in your cabinet, but it is not convenient for you to get them while you are cooking. If you have one spice rack, all of them can be organized well.

There are many spice racks available on the market, different from sizes and shapes. The following top 5 best spice racks are chosen due to the fact that they can hold at least 8 standard size jars, were sturdy and could be stored on the counter, under the cabinet or wall mounted. If you need one, choosing one of them is a good choice.

Nambe Twist Spice Rack


This is an attractive and extravagant rack you can choose. It comes with 16 jars of spices which are all encased in a twisted alloy tower. I really like its shape and it is really a beautiful and tasty addition to your kitchen. If you have enough budget, you can choose this.

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KitchenArt Pro Auto-Measure Spice Carousel


This one has a great design and I especially like its function as a spice rack. It comes with eight jars which sit on a rotating base. If you prefer to one or two spices, you can easily make your favored spices near when you are cooking. You can mount it under the cabinet or just place it on your counter top. If you don’t have so many herbs or spices, this 8-jar rack is a good choice. What’s more, it is also affordable.

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J.K. Adams 11-Inch-by-11-Inch Maple Wood Universal Spice Jar Carousel


This one allows you to store your spices jars easily. It features a self-assemble rack which is made of durable maple wood and you can store it on your counter top. It is simple but can hold many different sizes of jars for you.

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The Container Store 3-Shelf Wire Spice Rack


If you need an affordable but versatile rack, I highly recommend this one. If you have a small counter top space, this wall mounted rack can save you a lot of money. It can hold more than 12 standard jars and a wire restraint can keep them securely. If you don’t have much budget, this is a perfect selection.

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Olde Thompson 8 Jar Wood Spice Rack


If you need a compact rack for your small counter top or cabinet, you can choose this Olde Thompson 8 Jar Wood Spice Rack. This rack doesn’t take up much space on your counter top or cabinet. It has 2 level construction, making it easy to store against the wall of your counter. It has a unique flip top lid on the jars which allow you to easily sprinkle herbs into your foods.

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