For couples who have decided to have their newborn baby bottle-fed, they will tell you how very useful it is to have a bottle warmer. It’s better than having to boil water to heat up your baby’s milk, which can either be formulated or breast milk. It’s better due to the fact that it saves time and there is no more guessing if the temperature is just right. One thing to remember though is that a lot of health care providers especially pediatricians would tell you that when you’re going to warm bottles it’s not advisable at all to use a microwave. Not only will it reduce the minerals and vitamins the baby can get from the milk. Using a microwave can cause injuries to the baby when the bottle gets a few hot spots that could hurt the skin.

These are the bottle warmers that we have chosen for you to look out for in the market since a lot of parents reviewed them as the best bottle warmer you can find with its simplicity of use and speed.

1. Beaba Bib’secondes Bottle Warmer

This bottle warmer is the best bottle warmer I ever bought. It can evenly heat the bottles within a minimum of two minutes. It has no problem heating plastic or even glass bottles including jars of baby food. I love the programming feature. It is handy and indicates the temperature whether refrigerated or in room temperature. If your baby is very impatient than this is the best bottle warmer you should choose.

2. Boon Orb Bottle Warmer

This bottle warmer can take as many different types of milk bottles that you want to warm up for your baby to drink. It’s also one of the fastest in the market, I only had to push a button and the warmer will put the bottles in the proper temperature shutting off on its own once it’s done. And when it comes to look, the ORB is flawless in its design.

3. Dr. Browns Deluxe Bottle Warmer

When you’re busy holding your baby in your other hand, with Dr. Brown’s Deluxe Bottle Warmer you won’t need two hands to operate it. I like its heating process, once you pushed the button it has an alarm that tells you it’s done. It’s also a steam-based bottle warmer, in some types of this bottle warmer you need to refill the reservoir often, but with this bottle warmer you can warm as many bottles first before refilling again, best for feeding when on a whole night.

4. Born Free Tru-Temp Bottle Warming System

When I heated a bottle of five ounces it only took three minutes. The best thing I like about it is its warming system. All you have to do is type the size of the bottle you want to warm up and the temperature you want and your warming will be as precise as you want. But the thing with this bottle warmer is it uses only the Born Free Tru-Temp bottles but it will also be able to heat medela bottles. It doesn’t have problems in heating either breast milk or formulated milk also.

5. The First Years GumDrop Simple Serve Bottle Warmer

This bottle warmer is the most affordable on the market and a lot of people love it; I spend only twenty-five dollars fitting my budget perfectly. Not only does it warm bottles it can also warm up pacifiers. Its warming basket is one of the largest that can put up with all sorts of bottles, from different types to sizes. It also automatically turns off after heating.


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