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Like bees, ants also live in communal groups because all the family members are closely related. Ants also are foragers. They invade space in order to find enough food which supplies the colony and the Queen. In order to get sufficient food, they usually march far and wide. Therefore, if there is an ants’ nest near your house, they maybe invade your garden or home. They will search for crumbs on the kitchen floor or on the countertop and steal them. What’s worse, a scent trail will be left so that all the hive workers can find the new food source easily. Probably, you think you can spot kill them. If the whole colony and the queen were not killed, the ants will come back to search for substance. Therefore, the key to how to get rid of ants is to kill the colony and the Queen.

The following top 5 best ant killers on this list cannot only spot kill the ants but also the whole hive population and the Queen, making you far away from them. They were selected because they are easy to use and can give long lasting results. Choosing one of them is a terminal solution to any ant problems. If you just want to find out how get rid of ants easily, this is a good start. However, when you use it, keep it far away from your kids and pets, because they are not safe.

TERRO PreFilled Liquid Ant Killer II Baits


The TERRO PreFilled Liquid Ant Killer II Baits are easy to attract more ants to consume because they are a liquid. The more ants come to feed, the more active ingredient and borax will be taken back to the colony, and so every ant feasts on this bounty and finally perishes.

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Combat Ant Killing Gel


This Combat Ant Killing Gel enables you to use it both indoors or outdoors. It offers a syringe, which allows you to inject active ingredients in crevices, cracks or ant rackways. Once the forager ants find it, they will swarm it and transport it to the colony to eliminate the entire colony.

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Raid Ant & Roach Killer

This one is the most well-known insecticide on this list. This spray is a combination of several different scents and a synthetic pyrethrin active ingredient, so it easy to attract the ants and effective to get rid of them.

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Compare-N-Save Fire Ant Killer Granules


This killer is very cheap, but it also has one of the highest amounts of a synthetic pyrethrin active ingredient. If you need to get rid of fire ants, this is the best choice.

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Safer Brand Diatomaceous Earth Powder, Ant, Crawling Insect, and Bed Bug Killer


Safer Brand Diatomaceous Earth Powder is safe to use because of its non-toxic feature. It can be safely used around your pets and kids and you also can use it in and around organic yards and gardens. It works differently from other killers. It can abrade ants’ exoskeleton so that they will be severely dehydrated and they will die. It is not difficult to use. You can sprinkle it indoors or out, or on their trackways.

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