Top 10 Ways to Save Money Buying New Appliances

appliancesIf you need to buy a new appliance to replace your old one, buy someone an appliance gift, or buy the essential appliance to set up your new home, there are some ways help to save more money on these appliances. Every dollar we can save can be used to buy other essentials for your family, which can help to control the family budget. The following top 10 ways can make you become a frugal shopper and save more money for you.

1. Buy Energy Efficient Appliances

Even if some appliances are less expensive than others, you also need to consider how to keep the operating costs as low as possible. If the one you bought is less efficient, you will pay the price soon or later. Therefore, when it comes to buy a new home appliance, saving on operating costs is very crucial. A good way is to choose an energy star appliance or one appliance that is very energy efficient.

Not all appliances are Energy Star appliances or included in other energy efficiency programs. However, the fact is that some appliances are indeed more energy efficient than their competitors. Therefore, it is highly recommended to compare energy guide labels and this can help you get the most energy efficient appliances.

Some appliances, like dishwashers, refrigerators, washers and air conditioners, meet stricter energy targets and they are also CEE Tier listed, which means they can save more energy. Actually, you can do more to reduce operation costs after the purchase.

You also can take advantage of Energy Star or other energy efficiency appliance rebate programs in many areas. You can get some money back on buying new appliances. It is really good, isn’t it?

2. Cut Appliance Frills but only Go for Function

Some frills on some appliances are essential. For example, the programmable setting may be very important for a coffee maker, because it is an essential for your own lifestyle. If you are on time-of-use electricity rates, the delay start on your washer can help you extremely cut your energy bill. However, there are also many useless frills on many appliances. Since you never use them or seldom use them, why do you need to pay for them? Therefore, only go for function but not the glam.

Of course, appliance prices are influenced by these useless frills. If you have avoided these bells and whistles they have, you can reduce your budget to buy an appliance that really matters to your life. For large appliances, the colors are also very important. Even if the most trendy colors will become outdated, so you can buy white appliances that will never date.

3. Say no to Expensive Maintenance Costs

Some appliances require expensive maintenance costs. These appliances include purifiers, humidifiers, dehumidifiers and air cleaners. Maintenance costs are very pricey. For example, if you need a water filer for your family, you can choose some washable or permanent types of water filters. However, this doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice efficiency. If your water is pretty dirty, a high-end water filter that needs to replace filters is also highly recommended.

Reverse osmosis water filters are pretty expensive, but they really can get rid of many types of contaminants in our water. However, their replacement water filters are pricey. HEPA Filters are also pricey to replace, but some models offer permanent HEPA filtration. You can try to find them.

For air purifiers, the efficiency certification is the CADR rating that you can find on its packaging. This implies the air purifier you choose is more efficient than others. For air conditioners, you can check the Energy Efficiency Ratio.

For vacuums, a bagless system can help you save more money. If your vacuums is not a bagless vacuum, you need to buy vacuum bags which cost you about $10- 15 for 1 package. A bagless vacuum can help to save this money and you don’t need to try to find the right bags for your vacuum all the time.

Extended service contracts for new appliances are not always good or bad. If the appliance needs to be repaired, it can save money for you later.

4. Free Shipping or Delivery

Free shipping or delivery is not always offered by retailers, but free shipping can really help to save money, especially for large appliances. If it is offered, it is better or you can negotiate free shipping for large appliances.

If you need to buy a new appliance to replace your old one, you also can negotiate the removal of the old one. Some local retainers can offer this kind of service. If you deal with the old one yourself, you may need to pay some money. This is because most landfill sites require tipping fees.

You also need to negotiate the set-up as well, which is also a time-consuming thing if you are the first time to buy this kind of appliances.

5. Choose the right size

You should avoid choosing overly large sizes or capacities which are designed for a large area. We tend to buy large refrigerators or freezers that sit half empty and occupy much kitchen space. What’s worse, the big size means it will consume more electricity than you think and you need to pay more on your energy bill.

For humidifiers, if you choose a unit that can humidify an area of 500 sq. ft. but your room is less than 100 sq. ft., it is really over-sized. You need to pay more money and this may result in excess moisture problems. Over-sized air conditioner is also a waste of money and energy.

Before buying an appliance, you really need to measure you room and know whether the appliance is designed to cover such a space, which can avoid wasting money and energy.

6. Dent & Scratch Appliances Can Save You Money

Many appliance dealers may have some appliances with some minor scratches or dents. Most of them are on the route from manufacturers or just sitting in the showroom. First, you need to judge whether such dents or scratches matters to you. And generally, you can negotiate a pretty price. When buying them, make sure all the damage is only superficial and doesn’t influence the performance.

7. Watch and Wait for Appliance Sales

If there are some big sales events (like Christmas or Black Friday) around the corner, you should be patient and looking for great deals on the appliances you plan to buy. Sometimes, you also can get more savings by purchasing an appliance after or at the end of its typical season. When buying something, you need to avoid compulsive purchasing.

8. Buy Trusted Brands

Some people tend to buy cheap appliances but don’t care about brands. However, trusted brands mean dependability and reliability. Cheap low-quality products will cost you more than you can imagine, because you may need to repair them too often. Trusted brands also mean you can get parts easily when you need to fix them. Some low-quality brands may disappear very soon and you may not find the right parts to repair the appliance you have bought. In the end, the only way is to buy a new appliance to replace the broken and irreparable old appliance.

9. Multi-function is better than singe-function

Well, not all appliances have multi-function. However, you can find appliances that feature multifunction. This means one appliance can perform several functions, so you don’t cost money to buy several appliances separately. They can help you save more money and don’t get your kitchen clutter or counter top a mess.

On the other hand, if you only need to use the primary function, you don’t need to cost much to buy a multi-function model.

10.Buy Outdated Appliances

If manufacturers start to promote their newer upgrades, this also means outdated appliances will become very cheap, because they want to clean the old appliances inventories. Sometimes you only need the primary function, so you never need to cost much to buy a new updated version.

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