Thermos Foogo Phases Leak Proof Stainless Steel Straw Bottle Reviews

This Thermos Foogo Phases Leak Proof Stainless Steel Straw Bottle (10 ounces) is ideal for kids over 18 months older. The design is innovative and it uses its superior insulation technology. This bottle has a double-wall vacuum insulation design, which can keep water or beverages fresh and cold for up to 10 hours. This feature makes your kid stay hydrated wherever or whenever. To protect your kids, the inner part is made of unbreakable stainless steel and the exterior can inhibit bacteria growth. All the materials are approved by FDA. All the plastic components are made from BPA-free plastic. And it comes in different styles for babies, toddlers and older kids.




This bottle is from Thermos® L.L.C., who is a pioneering leader good at designing and manufacturing f insulated food and drink containers. Thermos® L.L.C. was found in 1904. Since then, Thermos® has been devoting to provide outstanding products with great design, high quality, and good performance. Their baby’s’ products have become one part of baby’s life.

One mom in New York bought this bottle for her son. Because she didn’t have a refrigerator, she used this container to keep the milk cool. She found this Thermos Foogo Phases Leak Proof Stainless Steel Straw Bottle did a great job. Her son’s milk in the bottle can be kept cool. Due to its superior insulation technology, it feels not very cold outside. And she didn’t find the leaking problems. When her son used it first, he suddenly threw the bottle on the floor. The bottle wasn’t broken and only the open lid popped off. The lid wasn’t broken and can be popped back in easily. Maybe it is designed to pop off easily to protect it from breaking. Her son is naughty and threw the bottle on the floor usually, but the open lid is unbroken. According to her reviews, we can see she spoke highly of this bottle. She also loves the wide mouth, because it is very to clean. She has recommended this bottle to many moms. Would you like to order one for your little one?


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