How to Store Yogurt?


As a type-II diabetic, I love to eat yogurt (of course, without added sugar). Well, how to store yogurt? This question seems easy, but there is something to talk about.

I seldom bought yogurt. However, If you like to purchase yogurt, don’t forget to check the date stamp on the carton. It is a sell-by date. This means it is safe to eat beyond that date. However, try your best to buy the latest produced yogurt.

Containers should be tightly sealed and refrigerated. If you make it yourself, the container should be sterilized to kill bacteria. In the grocery store, you can buy the freshest-marked container. It is best to store it in the refrigerator up to 2 weeks. Even in the refrigerator, it also incubates slowly and slowly, so it becomes more delicious (much stronger in flavor) at the end of the period. You’d better eat it within a week of purchase.

Generally, I made 1 litter yogurt at a time and I eat about 200ml per day. Every time, I just remove what I plan to eat and quickly cover the libs and return the container to the refrigerator. This can stop bad bacteria to enter into the container, which may ruin the yogurt.

Similar to sour cream, if you store it for a long time, you’ll find it tends to be separate a cloudy watery liquid. This phenomenon is common. If it is within its dated life, you can stir it back in or just pour off the liquid. Therefore, don’t store it for a long time and 1 week is enough.

Both homemade and purchased yogurt can be frozen to store for about 6 weeks. Also remember to make sure the container is tightly sealed. However, the results vary if you thaw it for partial use and froze it again. It might become thin and runny but also be safe to eat. Yogurt from different brands may be different in this process. You can experiment with them. Before eating, you’d better thaw in the refrigerator. I always use smaller containers to store yogurt, so I fetch one to eat and don’t return it to the refrigerator.

Frozen yogurt dessert must be frozen in the refrigerator. Therefore, don’t worry about thawing. However, it is also highly recommended to eat commercial frozen yogurt within 6 weeks.

Every day, I consume one glass of yogurt (about 250ml) without any sugar added. Sometimes, I also add some fruits, like apple, pear etc. What’s more, flaxseed oil is also added to it.

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