Stick to Prenatal Care for your family

What is Prenatal Care

As an expecting mom, prenatal care is necessary, because having such a health care can make the expecting mom know how the baby is in her uterus. So Prenatal care is the health care which is provided for both a mom and her unborn baby. And it is the only way to know whether the expecting mom and the unborn baby are healthy during pregnancy. So it is essential and urgent for an expecting Mather to have a prenatal care.


Maybe some expecting moms refuse to have such a health care, because they think they are healthy enough and there will be no problem. However, even there are about 4 million American women who give birth every year, about 1/3 women have to suffer from complications of pregnancy. Early prenatal care is the best way to identify and dealing with these complications. It can check the nutrition and health of the mom and the baby.

To prevent spinal cord birth and brain defects, 400mg folic acid consumption per day is necessary. Also prenatal care makes you avoid X-rays and medicines which are harmful to the unborn baby. Prenatal care also doesn’t allow you to smoke or drink alcohol. As an expecting mother, she should make a good habit of having a good rest, doing some exercise and controlling the weight. If you are a new mom, you don’t know what you should do, what you should not do and how much you can do. Don’t worry about these problems, and your doctor will give you more useful advice during your prenatal care.

Prenatal care schedule

According to experts, the following prenatal care schedule is highly recommended.

  • 4-28 weeks: once a month
  • 28-36 weeks: twice a month
  • 36+ weeks: once a week
  • High-risk pregnant women need at least once a week. Over 35 year-old women should pay attention to this.
  • Expecting moms who suffer from high blood pressure, diabetics and other chronic diseases need to have prenatal care at any time.


Nowadays, many couples emphasize the preconception care. Preconception care can improve your health environment to get pregnant. Before pregnancy, you need to at least take folic acid for 3 months. While when you are pregnant, prenatal care can help you reduce the risks of complication of pregnancy and avoiding early births. This heath care is a great gift for the baby. As a wife, it is the best thing she can do for her family.

So please stick to prenatal care on time.


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