Smart Solar 3782WRM2 Black Umbrella Hanging Solar Lantern reviews

Do you need a solar lantern? This Smart Solar 3782WRM2 Black Umbrella Hanging Solar Lantern, 2-Pack is such an elegant accessory for your garden. These lanterns can create a relaxing atmosphere in your garden. Once you have purchased it, you don’t need to pay for them any more. And maintenance is also free.


Product Features:

  • Lanterns can be set on any flat surface
  • Long lifetime LEDs can saving energy
  • An integrated solar panel is in each light, which can provide power to the light.
  • The light will be turned automatically on at dusk and off at dawn
  • More than 8 hours of light if fully charged
  • Includes essential accessories, such as rechargeable Ni-MH battery, handle and hanging clips

What others said about this product?

Unlike other relatively fixed outdoor solar lights, I like these lanterns very much. During the day, they are charged under the sun. When they are fully charged, I can use them at home. Although they are not bright enough, normally 2 lights don’t light up the room enough to read, buy they can light up a very small room. I don’t use them to read. I just use them as my night lights in my bathroom. I can hang them and I can also place them on any surface due to their flat bottoms.

During the day, I hang them outside to recharge the batteries. I don’t dare place them on a table because of the wind. The batteries are AA batteries. Each light has one battery. I highly recommend you to buy them. They are funny and useful.

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