How to save electricity & cool your home at the same time


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It is estimated that about 20% of our energy bills is spent on cooling, especially in summer. However, we can do something to lower the spending. If we can improve energy efficiency, we’ll save electricity, lower our bills and we do our best to fight climate change. In this post, we’ll discuss how to save electricity and cool your home at the same time.

Lift a Finger to Save Electricity

  • Programmable thermostats are useful, because you can program your thermostat to work differently when there is no one at home or not. You can set it a few degrees higher if there is no one at home, so the cooling system consumes less energy. It is estimated that you can save up to $180 a year if you use it properly.
  • Another way to make your HVAC system work efficiently is to make the HVAC system’s air filter clean. It is because that a dirty filter can slow the air flow so that the system must work harder which wastes energy. We should check the filter every month and at least change it every three month.
  • Installing a ceiling fan is also helpful to reduce the use of energy. You can raise the thermostat by 2 degrees and run a ceiling fan. Up to 14 percent of the costs can be saved. If you are not under the fan, please turn it off.
  • Keeping the sun’s ray from heating our home is also another method. Therefore, pull the curtains and shades closed if you plan to go out. You also can move container plants or trees in front of windows to serve as a shade.

Spend less but Save more  Electricity

  • It is recommended to have the HVAC system serviced every year to make sure it works efficiently all the time, saving your money and energy.
  • Are you still using incandescent bulbs? Swap them and choose some efficiently lighting, such as LED bulbs. If you have outdoor landscape lights, I strongly recommend you to replace them with solar outdoor lights. If you choose Energy Star qualified lights, it means they need less energy. Compared with incandescent lighting, it produces less useless heat, which can help to reduce the cooling bills.
  • Check your air ducts on a regular basis and make them sealed, or up to 20% of air will move through the duct system, which causes the waste of energy. You can use metal tap or mastic sealant and make all the ducts insulated. These air ducts are in attics, unfinished basements, crawlspaces, and garages. Make sure you’ve checked them all.
  • Connections at register and vents are common locations that cause leaks and disconnected ductwork. Therefore, check these connections and make them well-sealed.

Other Tips for Lowering Bills

  • Appliances earned EPA’s Energy Star means they can save much energy for you, saving you much money. Therefore, when you plan to purchase an air conditioner, choose one which has earned EPA’s Energy Star. If we all choose Energy Star qualified air conditioners in the USA, 900 million pounds of greenhouse gas emissions can be prevented annually. This means the emissions are the same as the emissions from 80,000 cars annually.
  • If you want to save more money, add insulation to the attic to make cool air in.
  • Up to $1.8 billion will be saved annually, if every household in the USA did this.
  • If you find some ducts you cannot reach, you can hire a contractor to do this sealing and insulating job for you. More information can be accessed on this link
  • If your air conditioning units is too old (up to 12 years old), you should replace it with a new model earned EPA’s Energy Star, because old models cannot work efficiently as the same as the new one earned EPA’s Energy Star. It is estimated up to 30% of cooling costs can be cut.

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