Ryobi P202 18V Drill Review

If you are looking for a cordless drill for professional work, I will not recommend this Ryobi P202 18V Drill to you. However, if you are just a DIYer or a weekend warrior, I highly recommend having this tool. Maybe many people think this model has a bad color scheme. However, we cannot judge it by its appearance. The fact is that this drill is really a solid tool with some good features


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Despite the ugly yellow color, it is easy to catch your eyes, which means you can find it easily and you don’t misplace it. The identifiable feature makes you not miss your drill in the workplace. The color is so different compared with other models available on the market.

Another advantage of this tool is the bit holder which is magnetic. You may think this feature is so widely used now, but a drill with this feature is very cool and convenient.

One thing you should know is that this drill is not a workhorse for outside jobs; it is perfect for the job around the house. It is adequate to handle any drilling job both outside and inside your house.

The performance of the battery is also good and it can last a long time without a recharging. Also there are battery charger icons which can easily tell you when you need to recharge the battery.


One problem is the slippery clutch ring. It is a nuisance when you are working. But this is not a big problem if you do some projects in the home or in the shop. The biggest problem is that you need to put a huge force to pull out the battery.

All in a word, considering the price and the target customers, this cordless drill is one of the best cordless drills for people who are average DIYers and weekend warriors. The rating of this model on Amazon.com is over 4.6 out of 5, which has proven that this drill is a worthy buying.

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