How To Prepare Powdered Baby Formula

As a mom, if you don’t have enough breast milk to feed your little one, Powdered Baby Formula may be a great choice. Powdered Baby Formula can provide your baby enough nutrition. However, how to prepare powdered baby formula somehow is a big problem for new moms and dads. If you think the preparation is very easy, you are wrong. The following steps can help you.


Wash your hand before preparing.Read the instructions on the powdered baby formula can. Different brands have different instructions. Make sure you know the right amount to add to the water.

  1. If the can is a new one, you should use a wet cloth to wipe the lid before opening. You know it is very dirty on the lid. This can remove dirt and dust, making the formula not polluted.
  2. In order to reduce the possibility for some contaminants (lead for example) in the water, turn on the faucet and let the water run over 30 seconds before preparing. If you have a water filter, the filtered water is better than tap water.
  3. If the instructions tell you you need to boil the water before preparing formula, make sure you boil the water to a rolling boil at least for 5 minutes, which can kill the Bacteria and viruses. Another thing you should remember not to boil the water more than once.
  4. Before adding water to the baby bottle, make sure the water is cool. Fill the baby bottle with the right volume of water. Don’t add the baby formula first, or it is difficult to measure the right volume of the water.
  5. Add the right amount of baby formula to the bottle. You can check the instructions. Cover the can with its lid.
  6. Put the lid on the bottle and shake the bottle gently until the formula is mixed well into the water.
  7. If your baby likes drinking warm milk, you can put the bottle in a pan of hot water (not boiling water) to heat. Also you can use hot tap water to heat the bottle. After heating, you must make sure the temperature is right, not to burn the baby’s mouth. You can make a few drops out of the bottle and on your hand. If you feel warm not hot, it is ok.
  8. Don’t let the leftover formula in the bottle after you have fed your baby. You must throw away the leftover, because bacteria will multiply in the bottle and the milk will go bad. So you’d better wash the bottle as soon as possible after feeding.

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