Poolguard Safety Buoy Pool Alarm Review

Poolguard-PGRM-SB-Safety-Buoy-Pool-AlarmThis buoy pool alarm is especially designed for an above-ground pool. It floats on the water surface and allow you to know something is happening when someone tries to enter your pool. This best pool alarm is able to detect water waves when someone enters your above-ground pool without your permission, an object is thrown into the pool, or an animal drops into the pool, thanks to its special subsurface monitory technology. Besides standard above ground pool, it also works with your hot tubs. Once you have set it, it will alert you as soon as possible when someone enters the pool.


Sleep Mode

If you plan to use your pool, you need to put it into the sleep mode and then remove it from your pool. If the order is reversed, it will sound an alarm. This design can prevent tampering. It also comes with an in-house remote receiver that can work within 200 feet from the alarm. The remote receiver will also sound an alarm if someone triggers the sensor. Therefore, you need to go out and turn the outdoor alarm off.This design will make you not miss any possible alarm.

More accurate than you think

Other buoy pool alarms are more likely to sound false alarms, while this pool alarm compensates for small objects, toys and wind, which helps to reduce the risk of sounding a false alarm. This alarm is powered by a 9v battery. If the 9v battery is low, it will chirp to let you know every 20 seconds. This low-battery alert design is useful, because you can always know when you need to replace its battery. However, if you don’t immediately replace the battery, this feature will quickly drain its battery.

Easy to use

This pool alarm is also very easy to use. When you first drop it into the water, it will run a test and starts up immediately. Therefore, you don’t need to set up this large buoy pool alarm. It also allows you to take it to any swimming pool and it will work immediately without any installation. This feature is very useful. For example, if you need to keep your kids out of your neighbors’ or friends’ pools during vacations and parties, this Poolguard Buoy alarm can do the rest for you. The maximum size pool this alarm can work with is 16 x 32 feet. Therefore, it is not suitable for some large or commercial swimming pools.

Other feature:

  • New Sub Surface Wave Sensing Technology
  • Comes with a 1-Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Offers an In House Remote Receiver


Thanks to its ease of use, sleep mode, the reduced risk of sounding false alarms, this Poolguard Buoy pool alarm can protect your family pools. Its design makes it suitable for quick-set or soft-sided pools, so it works with almost above-ground swimming pools.

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