Pool Patrol PA-30 Pool Alarm Review

Pool-Patrol-PA-30-Pool-Alarm-300x300No matter your pool is an in-ground pool or an above-ground pool, this Pool Patrol PA-30 pool alarm can be qualified. When an object, an animal or a child enters or drops into the pool, an alarm will be set off to allow you know. This alarm can work with a pool that is less than 20 x 40 feet. Plus, you also can buy another second alarm to work with it, which can give your pool more security.

Pool Patrol PA-30 Pool Alarm Features

Easy to Set up

As a buoy alarm, it floats on the water surface. When someone or something disturbs the water, it is able to track water motion and set off an alarm to make you know there are some intruders. The setting up is very easy. You can just leave it to float on the surface of your pool or just tie it to one side of your pool without affecting the quality of the alarms.

Sensitive Enough

Its built-in sensor is designed to detect the water wave. Once it detects a wave, this means the peace of the pool has been disturbed by something. And you will get an alarm immediately. This can give you enough time to do something. However, it is more likely to sound false alarms in contrast to other types of pool alarms. This is because it only detects the water waves but not the water motion or displacement. This Pool Patrol pool alarm may set off an alert because of heavy wind or when small objects drop into the pool. Well, it also compensates. It also allows you to adjust its sensitivity, if you gets many false alarms. You can adjust it to a higher or lower level.

A Remote Receiver is included

When something or someone triggers its sensor, you will get an alarm in your home and at the pool at the same time. The remote receiver mostly is place in your home. When you plan to leave home, you can turn the remote receiver off. Its on/off button is very easy to use. When you need to use your pool, it also allows you to turn off first. This can help you not suffer from a signaling alarm as soon as you jump into the swimming pool. The remote receiver is effective within 200 feet away from the pool alarm. Therefore, if you have a large house or yard, you will not miss any alarm.

Powered by a 9-volt battery

This best buoy pool alarm uses a 9v alkaline battery as its power source, while the remote receiver can be powered by a 120v wall plug at home. This design help you easily control all the functions indoors but not need to drain the battery outside. It also features a low battery indicator to help you know when you need to replace its battery. The batteries last for a very long time for irregular use.



Even if this alarm is likely to set off more false alerts than other competing pool alarms, the Pool Patrol PA30 can protect both the above-ground or in-ground pools. The pool alarm and its remote receiver are very convenient to use. If you have a large house or a large yard, this one is also one of the best choices for you.

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