What is hemodialysis?

Hemodialysismachine-210x300Hemodialysis is the most effective and commonly used process to treat patients who suffer from kidney failure or end-stage renal disease. Hemodialysis is a method to clean your blood out of your body using a dialysis machine. The machine has a special filter that is called a dialyzer. The dialyzer performs as an artificial kidney. Because a kidney failure patient’s kidney cannot work properly, the patient needs dialysis to help the kidney clean the blood. It can strain the toxins and remove extra fluid like your kidney. However, the dialyzer cannot replace your kidney’s function. Your kidney works 24 hours a day for you. The process takes a few hours day, few days a week. During a treatment, the blood is carried through plastic tubes from the access on your body to the dialyzer to be cleaned.

The dialyzer cleans the blood and sends the blood to your body through another plastic tube. This is a cycling process. Your blood is cleaned out of your body. You may worry about there is much blood out of your body. But in fact, there is only a cup of blood in the dialyzer and tube at any time during your treatment.

Dialysis treatment is normally done 3 times one week. Each time is normally 4 hours. How long the treatment is due to your nephrologist’s prescription. The time may depend on your medical condition, laboratory results and your body size. Most kidney failure patients can stay healthy when they spend the prescribed time on dialysis, take prescribed medications, and follow the renal diet. Before dialysis can be done, a connection must be made to the blood inside your blood vessels. This is called hemodialysis access or vascular access, which is a way to reach your blood for hemodialysis and allows your blood to travel through tubes to your dialyzer.

All in all, hemodialysis is a mature method used to treat kidney disease.


How to protect your dialysis access site?

Once you have a dialysis fistula or graft, the dialysis access site becomes your “lifeline”, because in a long time you need it for your dialysis treatment. So it’s very important to protect your access to ensure the scheduled dialysis treatment. When you have a treatment, the nurse or technician will check the access site first. If the access site has blood flow problems or early signs of infection, the treatment will be terminated. When there is a buzzing or rushing feeling even you can feel a pulse in your dialysis access site that means the blood flow is adequate. If it’s not so, you must call your neurologist or the dialysis unit as soon as possible. Blooding problems such as clotting or infection are easier to treat if they are found early. Signs such as redness, swelling or warmth to the touch are the early signs of infection. Generally, you must keep the area around your site clean and dry. Daily care and monitor of the access site can keep your lifeline working as long as possible. It is helpful to eliminate problems, if you provide a little TLC to your dialysis access daily. Or this at least can help you avoid more dialysis complication.

What is TLC of dialysis access?

  • T: touch You must touch the access site everyday to check pulse, temperature and tenderness.
  • L: Look Look at your skin color, drainage or swelling.
  • C: Care Care to keep your access site dry, clean and protected.

You must avoid resting on arm, heavy lifting, carrying. Also you must watch your weight, wear loose clothes and don’t wear tight jewelry. Pumping or cutting your access is also not allowed. Anyone who wants to take your blood pressure, draw blood or even putting an IV into your leg or arm is not allowed. In a word, in order to protect the lifeline, you must be careful to take care of your dialysis access site.

Stamina 1205 Precision Rower Reviews

This Stamina 1205 Precision Rower is a compact rower. It is solid and easy to assemble. It really can provide a great workout for you. With this rower, you can strengthen your muscle groups of your body and burn the calories. This machine can provide you with aerobic exercise indoor.


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Product Features:

  • Deluxe ball-bearing rolling system makes rowing precisely.
  • Adjustable tension controls
  • Multinational monitor can track strokes, distance, speed and more


  • This Stamina 1205 Precision Rower is solid, stable and sturdy. It will not rock at all while using.
  • It is very quiet. The only sound you will hear is the whisper of the pistons.
  • The seat is comfortable. You can sit on it for a long time without discomfort.
  • It is easy to assembly.
  • The price is reasonable, considering its performance.
  • It is easy to put together and store.
  • It is easy to use.


  • You cannot fold or collapes it. It can be stored upright.
  • The front bumber pades are stuck on.
  • This Stamina 1205 Precision Rower instructions were not easy to understand.

However, the pros and cons didn’t come from all the customer reviews. Everyone has their preference. Most people say this rower is pretty good. The price is so cheap. Someone who feels unsatisfied with this rower should look for a high-end rower. You can click the flowing link to check more details about this rower.

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Philips AVENT Digital Video Baby Monitor Review

This Philips AVENT Digital Video Baby Monitor by Philips is one of the best baby monitors on the market. Philips is a great company. They produce many great products, such as Philips Shavers, Philips lamps, Philips headphones, Philips TVs, etc. They make our life simple and easy. If you or your friends plan to have a baby, you can read this post. I promise you don’t feel disappointed.

Recently, a sister asked to recommend the best baby monitors because of her several days old baby. I am a baby products specialist. I highly recommend this Philips AVENT Digital Video Baby Monitor based on its performance, rating and customer reviews.


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Day and night monitoring

The first feature impresses me is the day and night monitoring provided by this baby monitor without any looking after. And it is totally no harm to babies. It provides private connection at a range of 500ft.

Large 2.4″ color video screen

This baby monitor has a large 2.4″ color video screen. This design is practical for the reason that the large screen can make us see clear pictures. If the screen is too small, or dim, or fuzzy, it’s not convenient to see the pictures and it is difficult to know whether the baby is sound. So Philips Company considered this factor. It comes with this high resolution video.

Automatic screen activation

As we know, many parents are very busy everyday and they are often along with their babies. Therefore, we need a baby monitor with automatic screen activation to monitor our baby while we are busy with something. Fortunately, this monitor has such a function that it can automatically activate the screen of the monitor to inform parents to pay attention to their babies when someone makes noise in your babies’ room.

Cordless and portable

The parent unit is portable and unit. If it doesn’t have this feature, parents can only monitor their babies in only one place, maybe in the dining room. However, if you are in the kitchen, how do you monitor your babies freely? So this baby monitor is cordless and portable, making you freely monitor your babies at anyplace around or in your house.

Soothing lullabies make babies sleep better

Another great feature makes me interested is that it can play soothing lullabies to make your baby sleep better. Babies like sleeping. Why? It’s because when they are sleeping, in fact, they are growing up. The sleep quality is very important to babies. This best baby monitor playing soothing lullabies can make your babies sleep better.

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Best Baby Monitor: Withings Smart Baby Monitor Review

If you are looking for a baby monitor that you can use to watch your baby on your iphone, ipad or android, you cannot miss this best baby monitor: Withings Smart Baby Monitor. Unlike other baby monitor, you can watch your baby on your phone. This feature is very cool. It means you don’t need to bring any other device along with you, just your phone.

The following I will tell you is about its great features. If you have a baby now, you really need a baby monitor, because we are so busy with our work or housework that we don’t have enough time to take care of the babies all the time. A baby monitor can tell you the activities of your baby.


Product Features:

  • You can use your phone (iphone or android phone) and ipad to watch your baby conveniently, high-resolution video and clear
  • It is able to play lullabies, turn on the night light and allow you to talk to your baby
  • It can monitor temperature, motion, nosies and even humidity in your baby’s room
  • You can watch your baby anytime and anywhere

Always watch your baby on your phone or ipad

The reason we buy a baby monitor to watch our babies is that we want to watch our babies clearly and conviently. This monitor enables us to watch your baby on your phone or ipad, which is very convinient. Even you are out, on the road, or working, you can use your phone to watch or communicate your baby. You will feel your baby is near you all the time.

Clear sound and high resolution video

As a baby monitor, high resolution is very important, which can help us to see the baby more clearly. Or if the monitor is fuzzy and dim, we cannot notice whether the baby is crying. If we are at home, we can go to the baby’s room to see what happens. However, if we go out and want to hear whether the baby is crying, a baby monitor with high resolution video and a clear voice can help us a lot.

Remote communication with your baby

I really like this feature. Nowadays we are busy with work and don’t have time to look after our babies or children and sometimes we leave them alone. They will feel lonely. Now if you have got this monitor, you can communicate your baby remotely and conviniently. You can talk to your baby, or you can play lullabies, or even you can turn the multicolor night light on. Just use your phone and you can do that.

Monitor temperature, motion, nosies and even humidity in your baby’s room

This feature is also very useful. We must know the temperature, humidity, motion and noise in the baby’s room. If we can get the information, we can take a good care of the baby. Babies are not strong enough. So sometimes environment such as temperature may make babies uncomfortable. Therefore, it is essential to know these environmental factors.

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