Top 5 Best Hair Clippers

When talking about men’s haircuts, you may think razors and barbers are the best choice, because they come in handy. However, a good hair clipper can offer you a more even and professional-looking cut every time. If you are looking for the a good quality hair clippers, you come to the right places.

We’ve done some research and the following top 5 best hair clippers were selected because they can work on any style of hair. No matter what types of your hair (straight, curly or thick), they can work for you. What’s more, all of these models have the high-quality tapers which can give you a smooth shave for its adhering to your head’s curves and contours. They also come with many useful accessories. Prices, ratings and customer reviews are also taken into account.

Wahl 8483 Pilot Professional Corded Hair Clipper


As a professional clipper, Wahl 8483 comes in a compact design but you don’t need to worry about its functionality. It uses full-size blades, built-in notches and a taper lever, which can offer you a perfect trim. Once you have it, you can always have your hair even all around. We highly recommend this model.

Conair The Chopper 2-in-1 Customer Styler – 24pc Clipper/Trimmer

Conair-The-Chopper-2-in-1-Custom-Styler-Trimmer-112x150This model comes with so many attachments, which can ensure you have a custom trim every time. It has 9 comb attachments, 5-detent taper control and a 5-possition comb attachment and there is no reason to buy another model if you already have this one.

Oster Model 10 Hair Clipper

Oster-Model-10-Hair-Clipper-150x150As a heavy duty one, this Oster Model has very powerful motor, so you can use it even to trim your thickest hair. If you need a heavy-duty one, this is definitely the best choice. What’s more, if you need to replace with different size blades, you will find the job is so easy because it is made with an easy to detach 000 blade and blade guard. You also don’t need to worry about its safety. Once you have it, you will find the hair cutting or trimming is so easy.

Conair HCT300RGB Combo Cut 20-Piece Deluxe Haircut Kit

Conair-HCT300RGB-Combo-Cut-20-Piece-Deluxe-Haircut-Kit-150x150Although this model has a light design, it also comes with a heavy-duty motor. Therefore, it is powerful. What’s more, the stainless steel blade is also durable. It also comes with many attachments, such as 2 styling combs, 8 comb attachments, a barber scissors and a trimmer. These attachments can ensure you have a perfect trim every time.

Wahl Color Pro 20 Piece Hair Clipper

Wahl-Color-Pro-20-Piece-Hair-ClipperThis Wahl Color Pro 20 Piece Hair Clipper is also a versatile clipper you can rely one. It has up to 26 pieces, such as combs, brushes, tapers, a trimmer, clipper guide combs, etc.

This is our top 5 best hair clippers you can trust. If you need one, choose one of them according to your hair style and preferences.

How to save electricity & cool your home at the same time


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It is estimated that about 20% of our energy bills is spent on cooling, especially in summer. However, we can do something to lower the spending. If we can improve energy efficiency, we’ll save electricity, lower our bills and we do our best to fight climate change. In this post, we’ll discuss how to save electricity and cool your home at the same time.

Lift a Finger to Save Electricity

  • Programmable thermostats are useful, because you can program your thermostat to work differently when there is no one at home or not. You can set it a few degrees higher if there is no one at home, so the cooling system consumes less energy. It is estimated that you can save up to $180 a year if you use it properly.
  • Another way to make your HVAC system work efficiently is to make the HVAC system’s air filter clean. It is because that a dirty filter can slow the air flow so that the system must work harder which wastes energy. We should check the filter every month and at least change it every three month.
  • Installing a ceiling fan is also helpful to reduce the use of energy. You can raise the thermostat by 2 degrees and run a ceiling fan. Up to 14 percent of the costs can be saved. If you are not under the fan, please turn it off.
  • Keeping the sun’s ray from heating our home is also another method. Therefore, pull the curtains and shades closed if you plan to go out. You also can move container plants or trees in front of windows to serve as a shade.

Spend less but Save more  Electricity

  • It is recommended to have the HVAC system serviced every year to make sure it works efficiently all the time, saving your money and energy.
  • Are you still using incandescent bulbs? Swap them and choose some efficiently lighting, such as LED bulbs. If you have outdoor landscape lights, I strongly recommend you to replace them with solar outdoor lights. If you choose Energy Star qualified lights, it means they need less energy. Compared with incandescent lighting, it produces less useless heat, which can help to reduce the cooling bills.
  • Check your air ducts on a regular basis and make them sealed, or up to 20% of air will move through the duct system, which causes the waste of energy. You can use metal tap or mastic sealant and make all the ducts insulated. These air ducts are in attics, unfinished basements, crawlspaces, and garages. Make sure you’ve checked them all.
  • Connections at register and vents are common locations that cause leaks and disconnected ductwork. Therefore, check these connections and make them well-sealed.

Other Tips for Lowering Bills

  • Appliances earned EPA’s Energy Star means they can save much energy for you, saving you much money. Therefore, when you plan to purchase an air conditioner, choose one which has earned EPA’s Energy Star. If we all choose Energy Star qualified air conditioners in the USA, 900 million pounds of greenhouse gas emissions can be prevented annually. This means the emissions are the same as the emissions from 80,000 cars annually.
  • If you want to save more money, add insulation to the attic to make cool air in.
  • Up to $1.8 billion will be saved annually, if every household in the USA did this.
  • If you find some ducts you cannot reach, you can hire a contractor to do this sealing and insulating job for you. More information can be accessed on this link
  • If your air conditioning units is too old (up to 12 years old), you should replace it with a new model earned EPA’s Energy Star, because old models cannot work efficiently as the same as the new one earned EPA’s Energy Star. It is estimated up to 30% of cooling costs can be cut.

Best Yogurt maker: Euro Cuisine YM100 Yogurt Maker Reviews


When it comes to yogurt maker manufacturers, Euro Cuisine is a famous one, who provides a wide range of small kitchen appliances. You can find there are so many yogurt maker models from Euro Cuisine on the market. The most popular and the latest one is the YM100. In my previous post best yogurt maker reviews, I recommended the YM80. However, now I highly recommend you to get this one. It has more features than YM80. Although it has fewer features than YMX 650 which is a higher end one, considering the price tag, it is one of the best choices.

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  • The color is white.
  • Capacity: up to 42 ounces and can hold 7 6oz glasses which have screw top lids.
  • Temperature Controlled
  • Temperature Controlled
  • It has an automatic shutoff function time. This means it will shut off automatically after a cooking cycle.
  • 3 year warranty is included.

Product Reviews

Compared to YM80, the YM100 has an automatic shutoff timer. However, after checking some of the customer reviews, I found that not everyone liked this feature, because the jars are made of glass which can maintain the temperature even if it is shut off automatically. This can prolong the fermentation time. If you want to prevent this process, you need to take these jars out to cool quickly as soon as the unit is shutoff. This makes the timer redundant. Therefore remember to take out of these jars from the maker to cool.

Another problem is the condensation. When you remove the clean lid, make sure water (collects on the lid) will not drop into finished yogurt. This is not a big problem. Most makers have this similar problem.

When you make yogurt, make sure the milk has been boiled to 180 degree Fahreheit and cooled to 110 degree Fahrenheit. Or you can buy boxes of milk which don’t need to be boiled and cooled.

Other forms of milk are also can be used.

  • Pasteurized milk (1%, 2%, full or fat free)
  • Powdered milk
  • Long life UHT sterilized milk
  • Soy milk

How much?

As a popular one, it is affordable. It only cost you no more than $50. Therefore, if you plan to buy one of the best yogurt makers, it is your best choice.

Where to buy?

We’ve done some research and found that we can purchase it on Amazon for a great budget. What’s more, there are plenty of customer reviews for you to check. And you’ll find these reviews are valuable.

If you don’t like this one, you can check this post for best yogurt makers on the market.

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5 Reasons to Take a Good Use of a Roaster Oven to Cook and Bake

Rival-Roaster-Oven-bestWhen it comes to a roaster oven, 2 functions are impressive: cooking and serving. As a popular and practical small kitchen appliance, it looks like a slow cooker, but it is much bigger than a slow cooker. I have to say that this small cooking appliance is very versatile. It can be used for cooking whole chickens, a turkey, food batches, large meat portions and you even can use it to bake bread or pies. In my kitchen, it is an essential for me. At holiday time, you may need to prepare many foods for your family and you’ll find your stove oven cannot do all job. At this time, such a roaster oven can supplement your stove oven well and you don’t need to worry about the overflowing problem.

If you don’t have one, the following 5 reasons can tell you why you need to get such an oven for your kitchen.

  1. A roaster oven can free your stove oven. You can use your stove oven for your dinner’s cooking or baking needs, while a roaster oven can be used for cooking large meals or the turkey. If you plan to host a dinner, this is a big help.
  2. In order not to cause congestion in the stove or food preparation area, it allows you to place it on a stable surface far away from the kitchen’s work triangle. Or you also can place it on the other side of your counter peninsula, making your counter-top space tidy.
  3. Sometimes, using such a roaster oven can save you money, because it uses less energy when you are cooking a small piece of food. If you use a larger range oven, you’ll heat a larger area, wasting much more energy.
  4. If you want to remove a heavy roasting pan from your range oven with your oven mitts , you’ll find it is backing breaking. However, placing a roaster oven at a convenient height is so easy, no bending required.
  5. If the temperature is high, a room may be overheated by a range oven. On the converse, a roaster oven uses less energy and transfers less heat o your room, similar to a large slow cooker. Therefore, when you want to cook something, think about your roaster oven first. If it cannot work, then use your range oven or stove oven.

In my kitchen, I have a Hamilton Beach 32229 22 qt. Roaster Oven. It works well to roaster chickens or a turkey. It always leaves the food’s skin a nice golden color. I also used it to bake bread or pies and it never disappoints me. Now, I try to use my Hamilton Beach 32229 at the most and cooking time is similar to my range oven.

It is easy to use and don’t need to lift the lid to check on cooking. I am used to trust this oven to cook once I have set what types of cooking. What’s more, the constant monitoring is not needed, making me do more things at the same time.

I also use it to cook a lot of chili or bake several whole potatoes when hosting some big events. Foods serve well because it can keep foods at a safe serving temperature. What’s more, it never overheats my kitchen and room.

My oven is a 22 qt. one. And there are other sizes you can choose from. According to your needs, choose the right size. Although it may be a little larger, it is not heavy. It may cost you a little bulky, but it deserves.

At last, you can read my reviews of the best roaster oven and choose the right one.


How to make yogurt without a Yogurt Maker


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If you plan to make yogurt yourself, you may think you need to buy a yogurt maker. However, you can make yogurt in an oven, a thermos, a wood stove, in a crockpot, in the sun or on a heating pad. Also you can buy a maker to make the whole process much simpler.

If you don’t have a specialized kitchen  appliance to make yogurt, you can follow the methods below:

In an oven

A casserole dish is needed to hold about 1 quart of milk. After you pour 1 quart of milk into the dish, then you need to add 3 tablespoons of plain yogurt which you can buy in a supermarket or you made last time. Stir the milk and yogurt together and cover the casserole. Place the dish in a warm (100 degree F) oven with the heat off. The only thing you need to do next is to wait for a whole night.

With a thermos

Using a thermo to make yogurt is also very easy. First, you need a thermos bottle and widemouthed one is better. Make milk heated to 100 degrees F and pour heated milk into the thermo bottle and then add 2 tablespoons of plain yogurt. Then mix them thoroughly. Put the lid on and you’d better wrap the thermos in 2 or 3 terry towels to keep it warm. Put the thermos in a warm, draft-free place and wait for a whole night. And you’ll get fresh yogurt in the morning.

On a heating pad

First, mix 3 tablespoons of plain yogurt and 1 quart of milk. The temperature of the heating pad should be about 35 centigrade and place in the bottom of a cardboard box with a lid. A large shoebox also works well. Fill small glass or plastic container with the milk-yogurt mixture we mix at the first and put the lids on. And then wrap a heating pad around these containers, and cover the towels to fix the box and make them undisturbed for about 5-6 hours. If you make yogurt at night, you can get yogurt in the morning.

In the sun

First, a casserole or a glass-lidded is needed to hold about 1 quart milk which you should warm. 3 tablespoons of plain yogurt is needed to add to the warm milk and the put on the glass lid or cover with a clear glass pie pan. The final step is to place the container in the sun on a warm day (not too hot) and make it undisturbed for 4 to 5 hours. The only thing you need to do is to watch it to make sure it is not shaded, or the temperature cannot reach the ideal temperature to make yogurt.

On the back of a wood-stove

Before yogurt makers were invented, grandmothers might set a bowl of freshly drawn milk on the back of a wood-stove after supper to make clabber. It is amazing. Now, we also can make yogurt this way. Add 1 or 2 quarts milk and make it sit, covered loosely with a dish towel on the back of a wood-stove for a whole night.

In a crockpot

Firstly, mix 3 tablespoons plain yogurt and 1 quart milk together and preheat a crockpot on low for about 15 minutes. When you feel very warm with your fingertips, the temperature is ok. Place covered containers of mixture in the preheated crock pot and cover the lid on. Turn off the crockpot. To maintain the proper temperature in the crock pot, you need to heat the crock-pot on low for 10 to 15 minutes every 35 to 45 minutes.

In this post, we’ve discussed different ways to make yogurt. However, these methods are complicated or simple, but some of them may disappoint you, because you may lose some details. If you need to make yogurt yourself, the best solution is to buy a yogurt maker. It is an affordable and simplest way to do that.

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