Makita LCT200W 18v Compact Lithium-Ion Combo Kit

My wife sent me this drill as my Christmas present. But I did not feel so happy. My previous drill was a craftsman cordless drill. I need a drill which can replace the previous one. At first, I didn’t think this Makita LCT200W can do the job. This driller is lighter than my old one. I guess the lighter slim battery reduces the whole weight of the drill. I used other cordless drills which always have huge batteries. So this design is welcome. It makes the whole weight and size of this model more tolerable.


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I also found this tool is a powerful tool. I don’t understand more about the torque and other stuff, but I can tell you the using experience. It can easily and fast drill through most of the things. I have used this drill to look for things both outside and inside my house to do. I cannot help waiting to find them. I begin to love this powerful tool.

I even laughed at the LED light. I think this is useless. I will not use it any more.

Finally, I found this best cordless drill can completely replace my old one. I feel so happy I’ve got such a great drill. Especially, after recently I do some task in my son’s house, this tool is proven the valuable one.

This Combo Kit comes with two tools: a driller and a driver. I am happy I get them together. I don’t use the driver too often, but it works fine. I have nothing to find fault.

One thing that I feel unhappy with is the bag. In fact, I would like a smaller tool box which I can carry only the drill, batteries and charger. The only bag is a hefty sized one which is able to contain the drill and driver as well as other hardware. Maybe for most people, this is not a big problem.

All in a word, the advantages of this tool outweigh the disadvantages. My wife bought it on I check the price recently. The price is less than $200 and this model’s rating is 4.6 out of 5—a relatively high rating compared with other cordless drills. There are over 200 customer reviews. I have to admit my wife choose the right tool for me.

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Ryobi P202 18V Drill Review

If you are looking for a cordless drill for professional work, I will not recommend this Ryobi P202 18V Drill to you. However, if you are just a DIYer or a weekend warrior, I highly recommend having this tool. Maybe many people think this model has a bad color scheme. However, we cannot judge it by its appearance. The fact is that this drill is really a solid tool with some good features


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Despite the ugly yellow color, it is easy to catch your eyes, which means you can find it easily and you don’t misplace it. The identifiable feature makes you not miss your drill in the workplace. The color is so different compared with other models available on the market.

Another advantage of this tool is the bit holder which is magnetic. You may think this feature is so widely used now, but a drill with this feature is very cool and convenient.

One thing you should know is that this drill is not a workhorse for outside jobs; it is perfect for the job around the house. It is adequate to handle any drilling job both outside and inside your house.

The performance of the battery is also good and it can last a long time without a recharging. Also there are battery charger icons which can easily tell you when you need to recharge the battery.


One problem is the slippery clutch ring. It is a nuisance when you are working. But this is not a big problem if you do some projects in the home or in the shop. The biggest problem is that you need to put a huge force to pull out the battery.

All in a word, considering the price and the target customers, this cordless drill is one of the best cordless drills for people who are average DIYers and weekend warriors. The rating of this model on is over 4.6 out of 5, which has proven that this drill is a worthy buying.

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Best Toddler Car Seat

It is highly recommended that you should keep your babies in a rear-facing car seat until they are 2 years old. As they grow up and the infant car seat cannot hold them, it is time to purchase a front-facing toddler seat. Why? As we know, the number 1 killer of children between the age of 1-12 is car accidents. However, as parents, we cannot take precautions to avoid unexpected accident. What we can do is to purchase one of the best car seats to protect our baby. The following Best Toddler Car Seats on our list are chosen base on their comfort and safety features, customer reviews and ability to convert to a booster (This means you don’t need to buy a car seat in the future.

Graco Nautilus 3-in-1 Car Seat


This Graco Nautilus 3-in-1 Car Seat will be your last car seat you will purchase for your child, because it literally combines 3 car seat in 1: a backless booster, a belt-positioning booster and a harnessed booster. Additional features like storage pockets are included.

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Britax Frontier 85 SICT Booster Seat


This Britax Frontier 85 SICT Booster Seat is one the safest one on the market. This is mainly because it features extensive safety features: a padded head restraint and side impact cushion technology are included. This best toddler car seat even accommodates children who weigh up to 85 lbs, making them safer all the time.

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Recaro ProSPORT Combination Booster Car Seat


This Recaro ProSPORT Combination Booster Car Seat features a comfortable ergonomic foam which molds to the body. Therefore, it has been rigorously tested for safety and it is designed to protect 5 most vulnerable areas of children. In harness mode, it can offer the highest weight capacity.

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Safety 1st Summit Booster Car Seat


If you are looking for a budget toddler car seat, this Safety 1st Summit Booster Car Seat is the best choice. It is affordable. It also comes with a seat which reclines and pivoting armrests without extra cost.

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Evenflo Securekid 300 Loy Car Seat Booster


This Evenflo Securekid 300 Loy Car Seat Booster is ideal for parents who strongly emphasize easy installation, because this booster adapts Quick Connectors technology. It also features multiple shoulder-strap positions and adjustable headrest. It is really a comfortable and convenient car seat for your child.

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Best Baby Carrier: ERGObaby Original Baby Carrier Review

This ERGObaby Original Baby Carrier is one of the best baby carriers available on the market. This carrier I haven’t recommended before attracts me, because of its 100% cotton, shoulder straps, easy to wash and comfortable features.


As a parent, I love this ERGObaby Original Baby Carrier every much. My little baby is 8 months old and I dress in this baby carrier with my son every day. It’s very comfortable and lightweight. I can feel the weight of my son who is nearly 20lb. Also it fits both me and my husband very well. It’s wonderful, because my husband and I have different sized body. Its design is useful.

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This baby carrier is made of 100% cotton. It is very safe for babies. As baby products, the most important feature is the safety. Our babies are fragile. We need to do our best to protect them. This baby carrier can satisfy our needs. 100% cotton is very safe.


The second impressing feature is that it is very comfortable. We need to carry our babies on our shoulders for a long time, which is very miserable. One of the solutions is to reduce the weight on the shoulders. Another way is to distribute the weight evenly. This baby carrier does distribute the weight evenly. Parents will feel soft and comfortable.ERGObaby01 ERGObaby02

Easy to wash

If it is dirty, you need to wash it. This carrier is easy to wash and can be washed by machines, but you’d better add some mild detergent. For parents, the washing way is convenient and for the baby they will feel comfortable after it has been washed. In order to protect it, you should choose a delicate cycle to dry on it.

Wide Padded shoulder straps

The fourth advantage of this best baby carrier is its padded shoulder straps, which can be extended from 24-45 inches. The bigger area of the padded shoulder straps can make parents feel comfortable, because of less pressure. Therefore, this carrier adapts wide shoulder straps, which make parents feel comfortable.

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Best Baby Carrier: BABYBJORN Miracle Baby Carrier Review

If you are looking for a best baby carrier, this time I will introduce this BABYBJORN Miracle Baby Carrier to you. If you have a little baby and want to build good connection with your baby, it is a good idea to go out for a walk with your baby. This time a baby carrier can help you a lot.



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This baby product is a great product both for parents and babies.

In this post, I will talk about some great features of this best baby carrier. It really attracts me. The following are its advantages:

Help you build a good connection with your babies

If you are going out for a walk with your newborn baby, it’s really a good chance to build a strong connection with your baby. Your baby will feel safer if you have a closer body touch with her or him. This BABYBJORN Miracle Baby Carrier can help you. You can always be with your baby all the time. Also it can release your hands to do other tasks or communicate your baby.

Different positions available

As we know, it is unsafe for babies to keep one position for a long time. This baby carrier features many positions for parents to adjust for their babies. A tummy-to-tummy position is nice for newborn babies and when they grow older, a forward facing position is nice. Also babies can be carried low or high on parent’s chest. Before they can walk, a baby carrier is useful.

Comfortable to wear and make babies feel comfortable too


A big problem for a baby carrier is that when the baby grows older and older, they can make their parents feel tired. This baby carrier can release such burden because of their great designs. It is so easy to adjust different positions. Therefore, the weight of the baby can be carried on shoulders, or hips, or both. If you feel tired, you can easily adjust its positions. And the wider shoulder straps also make you feel comfortable.


The most important feature of a carrier is how to make babies not feel uncomfortable. BabyBjorn does the jog. With great design, this best carrier can well support their heads, backs and necks. With special design, it provides good head support for babies who can’t hold their head up yet.

Smooth fabric is used on the inside and all the seams are on the outside in order to not hurt babies’ skin. All the materials used is not harmful for new babies.


This is really one of the best baby carriers available one the market. Also it is one of the top-rated carriers at Amazon. What’s more, it comes in many fabrics and colors to choose from.

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