Best Vacuum Food Sealer

A good way to save more money when buying food in a grocery store is to buy food in bulk. Of course, this also means you need a large refrigerator or freezer to store these foods which you don’t plan to use right away. However, there are some drawbacks to do that. For example, this may cause freezer burn. Food will oxidize if food is stored for a long time. This oxidization occurs violently if food is contacted to the air directly. Other problems may also happen, like dehydrating, going bad, etc. Therefore, you may lose plenty of food stored in your refrigerator and lose money too, even if you buy foods in bulk. This is not a cost-effective result. Therefore, to solve this problem, a vacuum food sealer is a must-have appliance if you are going to buy foods in bulk. And choosing the best one can save you much time and money.

A vacuum sealer has its ability to suction all the moisture and air out of the storage pouch or canning jars (in some cases). After all the air is suctioned from its container, the container opening will be sealed shut. Food can be stored in a vacuum environment for a long time and this can avoid food waste. In some cases, seal food can be stored for many years.

Generally, most vacuum sealers use their own bags that are especially designed for themselves. Mostly, these dedicated bags are single-use bags, but some types are more versatile and can be used more than once and some even can allow you to seal them wherever and whenever needed. You can cut them to open and then reuse these bags.

Best Vacuum Food Sealer

We’ve done a lot of research and the following top 5 best vacuum food sealers were chosen due to their strong abilities to suction any air out of the bags, their airtight seal, and guarantee. If the air cannot be drawn out completely, food will be oxidized. In a word, air is the enemy for a food sealer. Some inferior models cannot remove all the air. Nobody wants to find your sealed salmon filets that were stored last November goes bad in this August.

All the units have been designed and produced by reputable manufacturers, which means reliable, good customer service and high quality. Maybe this is the most important criteria when choosing a food sealer. If the manufacturer is a fly-by-night manufacturer, their bags may become discontinued. In this case, even if you have the sealing unit, you cannot seal food due to the shortage of bags. Plus, all the models come with at least a 1-year limited warranty and they all offer a roll or a starter kit of bags to start.

Waring Pro PVS1000 Pistol Vac Professional Vacuum Sealer System

Waring-PVS1000-Pistol-Professional-VacuumThe portability and unique design of this Waring Pro PVS1000 make it a best bang for your money. Many people spoke highly of its performance. Once you have it, you will find it is so easy and effective to use. It is powered by NiMH batteries and can seal up to 30 bags if it’s fully charged. The compact feature allows you to carry it easily and store it to clear your counter space when you don’t use it. The plastic bags are BPA-free. Therefore, you can use them for microwaving foods and boiling foods without worrying. Plus, they use a no-heat zipper locking system to seal food, which means you don’t need to cut them when you want to use the sealed food. It also comes with wearing bags which are 100% reusable and can last for a long time. This company has designed and produced food sealers or many years, so you don’t have the risk of running out of bags. In a word, it is able to give you easy to use, simple and innovative vacuum sealer.

VacMaster DUO550 Suction and Chamber Vacuum Sealer in One

VacMaster-DUO550-SV1-Immersion-CirculatorIf a vacuum food sealer has become an essential part of your life and you plan to replace or buy a new one and the budget is enough, this VacMaster DUO550 is one of the best options for you. To some degrees, no one can beat. It is versatile both for chamber sealing and bag sealing. Its chamber sealing function lets you pour in many liquid things to chamber sealing, like soups, stews, etc. Its rolled bags are not expensive and allow you to seal any sized food, like a few carrots, a giant of rack of ribs etc. And the bags are reusable. Due to the largest vacuum motor, it can suction every pocket of air. This means foods can be stored for a very long time. It comes with many useful features, like a marinating cycle, 1-touch sealing, an automatic bag cutter, as well as an auto stop. The roll bags come with their own compartment. Therefore, if you need use it, just pull them out. And the bags can be sealed or cut as well. However, due to its unique design, it may cost you as 10 times as other models. If you have a large amount of food to seal and store, or you just want to flaunt your machine, this is the best food sealer for you.

Seal-a-Meal FSSMSL0160-000 Vacuum Sealer

Seal-Meal-hands-free-indicator-FSSMSL0160-000This vacuum sealer started the vacuum food sealing craze and now it also performs as good as it used to be. It is not a heavy-duty model on this list, but it is the best sealer for sealing smaller items and it performs great. It is also quite easy to use. First, you need to put the bag beneath the sealer, and then just press down on the cover. After removing the air, just press the seal button and it will heat seal the bag. That’s all.

It is compatible with both seal-a-meal bags and vacuum seal rolls from the manufacturer. When using seal rolls, cut rolls first, and then seal it, and then fill with items you plan to store and seal it again. All the sealed bags become reusable, saving much money for you. One thing you should pay attention to when you plan to use large bags is that you should especially pay attention to its edges. You should check whether the edges have been sealed well. However, if you just use to seal small portions of food, it is really a good choice for you.

FoodSaver V3240 Vacuum Sealing System with Starter Kit

FoodSaver-Automatic-Vacuum-Sealing-StarterThis FoodSaver V3240 is very versatile and it is the only one that can both seal jars and bags. FoodSave is also a reputable manufacturer which was part of the original sealing craze. They produce many machines that are very easy to use. They also work effective. This system comes with one of the most powerful motors on this list. It also allows you to set it according to different foods you plan to store. For example, if you want to store delicate vegetables and fruits, it offers a gentle vacuum setting. On the other hand, if meat and hard veggies are needed to be sealed to store, a strong vacuum setting is available. And it supports both bags and rolls which are placed in its spate compartment. First, they are needed to be cut and then be sealed. If you need to store more large items, this one is the best. Of course, the price is also very high. After all, it is capable of dealing with large items. And the smaller items are also OK. Highly recommend.

Nesco VS-02 Food Vacuum Sealer

Nesco-VS-02-Vacuum-Sealer-SilverIts name implies it is a reliable vacuum sealer you can trust. Of course, this Nesco VS-2 can use bags, but it is also able to use rolled bags initially. It has a roll compartment, so it can use cost-effective rolled bags. And it is also one of the most compact units on this list. Therefore, if your counter space is limited, this is a decent choice. And it is perfect for smaller to medium sized items. If you want to start your sealing life, it is a good start, because it is superb easy to use, including a 1-touch push button sealing, as well as an automatic shut off. A 1-year limited warranty is also included. All the components are very durable. Therefore, it is worth having.

Best Kitchen Scales At All Prices

If you want to measure ingredients precisely in your kitchen, a kitchen scale is a must-have small tool for you. When we bake or portion out servings, such a kitchen scale is handy and useful. If you want to lose weight, you can use it to weigh food and calculate calories you will consume, which helps you make a wise decision how much food is the most suitable for your body. Here, we made a list of top 5 best kitchen scales at all prices. They range from $25 to $100. Therefore, choose one fits your budget.

Eatsmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale

Eatsmar-Precision-Pro-Digital-Kitchen-ScaleIf you need an affordable product, this one is your best choice. It is the most affordable scale on this list. Beside the cheap price, it also comes in several colors to choose from and you can use it to weigh something that has a weight of up to 5kg or 11 pounds. This generous capacity is good enough for most situations in your kitchen. It is also very easy to use. It has 2 buttons. One is used as the on/off switch and zeroes (tare) weight out when there is a container (like a plate, a glass) on the scale. The other button allows you to change the measurement between grams, kilograms, pounds or ounces. In a word, this handy tool is good enough for most families.

Taylor Measuring Cup and Scale

Taylor-Measuring-Cup-and-ScaleThis tool is very special. It can be used as a scale and as a liquid measuring cup. The measuring cup can hold about 1 liter liquid (about 4 cup) and it has a capacity of 4.4 pounds. Another useful feature is that it is preprogrammed and can convert weight to volume for sugar, flour, oil, milk and water. It has a display in the handle of the cup and it is able to measure in cups, fluid ounces, pounds, grams, and milliliters. It is also very cheap. However, you must wash it carefully, or the measuring mechanism will be damaged easily if it gets wet.

OXO Good Grips Food Scale with Pull-Out Display

OXO-Good-Grips-Food-Scale-with-Pull-Out-DisplayThis scale can enable you to read the weight clearly, even if you have a large bowl or plate on the scale. This is because its display pulls away from the scale itself. The display also has a back light. This scale has a capacity of up to 11 pounds.

Escali Baking Scale

Escali-Baking-ScaleThis one also can give you volume measurements to ingredients on this scale. For example, you can use it to measure out tablespoons or cups for more than 500 most common ingredients. Once you have, all the recipes will be easy for you, because you can add the exact volume to your food. The weighing surface is stainless steel, so it is very easy to clean. This one has a capacity of up to 13 pounds and a 1 gram or 0.1 ounce graduation. The price is moderate.

Terraillon Maya Scale

This white scale has a sleek design. It is equipped with a plastic measuring bowl which can double as a smaller tray or a cover. It has a capacity of 11 pounds and the price is about $70.

Salter Nutritional Scale

If you are on a diet to lose weight, this scale will be your best choice. It can help you easily counting calories, making your life much easier. You can use it to weigh food and it can convert the weight of your food into calories, carbohydrates, fat grams, fiber, protein and more. It is preprogrammed for more than 900 common foods. Plus, it has a memory function to record your diet each day.

Shower Water Filters: Protection from Chlorinated Water

It is not uncommon for your water company to place chlorine in your drinking water, ridding it from bacteria. Unfortunately, the chlorine does your skin and hair no favors as it pours over your body when taking a shower. The adverse effects it has on the oils on these parts of your body causes a great deal of damage; this is where shower water filters come in. They prevent the chlorine from hitting your body, thus stopping adverse effects from taking place. But this is not all they are capable of. There are numerous benefits to owning this type of water filtration systems, and we will look at some of the most popular and find out what real consumers such as yourself have to say about them.

The Benefits of Shower Water Filters

Here are some of the top reasons consumers like you decide to purchase a shower water filter for their home:

  • They are the easiest and most cost effective means of reducing chlorine exposure in your home
  • They reduce your risk of bronchitis and asthma by eliminating chlorine inhalation
  • They reduce your risk of both bladder and breast cancer by reducing your exposure to chlorine, a possible carcinogen
  • They help increase your energy by reducing chlorine, which is known to cause fatigue
  • They help improve the overall air quality throughout your home
  • They help improve the appearance and softness of your skin, as chlorine tends to dry the skin
  • They help reduce wrinkles and rashes, both negative effects of chlorine
  • They aid in rejuvenation and revitalization of your hair, as chlorine tends to strip it of its natural oils
  • They save you money on expensive skin moisturizers and lotions, as chlorine tends to strip the skin of its natural oils

Although you are impressed with these benefits, one question may lay heavy on your mind: “How do I know shower water filters are effective when it comes to providing me these benefits?” This is a good and valid question, and I have a study to place your mind at ease. One consumer wondered the same thing, and took it upon himself to test nine different shower water filters. The efficacy results ranged between 19 and 99 percent for his home, which he points out has high levels of chlorine. He suggests the efficacy may vary according to your home and the amount of chlorine your water municipality uses as a disinfectant. The bottom line here? Three of the systems he tested passed with a 99 percent efficacy rate. So yes, these filters are no joke.

The Top Three

Not all shower water filters are made the same; some have more features than others and stand out above the rest. This does not necessarily mean you pay more for them, though. This is why I am here to help you; I want to ensure you receive the best bang for your buck.

Culligan WSH-C125

Culligan-WSH-C125-Wall-Mount-150x150First we have the Culligan WSH-C125 Wall-Mount 10,000 Gallon Capacity Filtered Showerhead in Chrome Finish. Not only does this add a nice touch to your bathroom decor, but it reduces 99 percent of the chlorine you would ordinarily have entering through your shower head, and prevents the odor as well. You do not need any tools to assemble it, and there are five different spray settings with massage. It also comes with a five year warranty.

Sprite HO-WH High Output

Sprite-HO-WH-High-Output-Shower-Filter-White-150x150Next we have the Sprite HO-WH High Output Shower Filter. This brand is one included in the aforementioned study, and was one of the three that received a 99 percent for efficacy. The reversible cartridge is capable of filtering your water for one year before requiring replacement, and is perfect for homes with high levels of chlorine. The price is more than reasonable, but the best part is you can purchase both the shower head and cartridge together for what some companies are charging just for their shower water filtration systems.

Rainshowr CQ-1000-NH

Finally we have Rainshow’r CQ-1000-NH Dechlorinating Shower Filter. This product promises to remove 90 percent of the chlorine from your water while improving the lathering and sudsing during your time in the tub. Most importantly, its manufacturers get to the heart of the problem: your skin and hair. They say the CQ-1000-NH will not only give you younger looking skin, but also improve the appearance of color-treated hair. Big promises, but this product is rated four out five stars among Amazon users.

Customer Comments

Word of mouth is the only thing you can trust when it comes to making a purchase or using a particular businesses services. So now it is time for us to take a look at what some customers have said about our top three shower water filter picks.

Culligan-WSH-C125-Wall-Mount-150x150When it comes to Culligan’s WSH-C125, 455 customers had a lot to say. So much, in fact, that this product received greater than a four out of five star rating. Although I would love to list every comment, I can only highlight a majority of what is said. Most speak of the easy installation (approximately 3 minutes), incresed water pressure, water-savings of 2.5 gallon per minute flow, improved skin and hair condition, filter replacement once every six months and most importantly, the price. This filter cost $30 on Amazon compared to another filter of lesser quality which costs $80.

Sprite-HO-WH-High-Output-Shower-Filter-White-150x150The Sprite HO-WH is nothing to shirk off. This product receives four out of five stars amongst 84 Amazon reviewers, most of whom have the same things to say about this particular shower water filter. It helps with the dry, itchy skin associated with chlorine in the water, filter replacement is necessary every six months to one year and it even helps with the build of scale along the tub walls. The one drawback is a slight decrease in water pressure–about 10 percent–but many say you hardly notice it. Overall, many are happy with the product for the price–$25.99 on Amazon.

Rainshowr-CQ-1000-NH-Dechlorinating-Shower-Filter-150x150Finally we come to the Rainshow’r CQ-1000-NH. Most customers report it fits easily onto their existing showerheads, resulting in no change in water pressure. They love the improvement in their hair–no conditioner required after shampooing. It even helped one customer with unruly, curly hair. Perhaps most impressive is the life of the product–10 years for one consumer with yearly filter changes. Not bad for a unit that costs $31 on Amazon.


We will discuss pricing briefly before wrapping things up. I, personally, prefer Amazon. I am in no way promoting them, but I am a consumer just as you are, and am always in search of the best prices for any product I need at any given time. Now whether this is a book, a music CD, clothing for my kids or even parts for my car, I always end up at Amazon because I cannot beat their product prices, their shipping prices or their reliability. This is why they are the only site I have used during this discussion. From one consumer to another who has a family and needs to save money, I am giving you what I believe to be the best prices that will do the same for you and your’s.


Taking everything into consideration, I recommend the Culligan shower water filter. It removes the most chlorine from your water, adds a nice touch to your bathroom and massages your body while showering. The five year warranty shows the company stands behind its product, and it sells for the lowest price. Do not wait a moment longer to improve the condition of your shower water, hair and skin. Visit Amazon today and purchase the Culligan WSH-C125. I promise it will be the best buying decision you have ever made.

How to choose a right shower water filter

shower-water-filterFor people who have sensitive skin or sensitive hair, the water quality is very important. Installing a whole house water filter or water soften to remove chemicals (e.g.: fluoride, chorine) as well as other contaminants seems good. However, the cost may be high, making it not suitable for someone who has a limited budget. If you don’t plan to invest a lot of money, a shower water filter is a good choice for you to protect your skin and hair.

On the market, you can find many showerheads or inline shower water filters from diffident brands. The former ones have built-in water filters, while the latter one has inline water filters which allow you to change on a regular basis. Most of them are capable of getting odors, chorine and get removed from our water. Some advanced one can even change the pH of our water to make it seem soft. Using shower filters is helpful to improve your hair and skin quality.

Inline shower filters:

This type of filters is not attached to the shower head, but installed after the shower arm.


  • Most of them feature a compact design.
  • Don’t need to buy a new showerhead, because it can be used with all the showerheads.
  • Inline filters are easy to replace, because they are put in line.


  • They may make your showerhead lower. Therefore, if your current showerhead is very low, you should consider this.
  • A good solution to this is to buy a shower arm extension and this can make the showerhead not too far down.

Built-in shower head filter

This type of shower filters comes in a showerhead with a built-in filter. This means both the showerhead and the filter are a system.


  • Very compact, so it is perfect for people who have limited place in their bathroom, because they will take the least amount of space.
  • Don’t make you feel the showerhead has been lowered its height.
  • If your current showerhead is very low, they are the best.


  • You need to throw away your current showerhead.
  • There are fewer showerheads available for you to choose from, but many of them have several spray patterns for you, if you like a message in a shower.

Where to Buy?

You can shower filters at your local hardware or home improvement stores. However, most of them may only carry no more than 2 brands, limiting your selections. You can buy one very conveniently, but you cannot always find the one satisfies your requirements.

Therefore, the best choice is to buy one online and there are many online retailers who have a lot of different shower filters available for you to choose from. You will not be limited to 1 or 2 brands at your local stores. Another advantage of shopping online is that there are plenty of customer reviews for you to chock, so you can easily know the pros and cons of the one you plan to buy.

However, another thing you should especially pay attention to is the cost of replacement filters. It is recommended to change the cartridge every 6 months to 12 months, depending on how much water you will use. In order to save water and extend the life of the water filter, you can buy a low flow showerhead.

If you don’t know how to start, our reviews of best shower water filter may help you quickly find what you really want.

Tips to Change A Refrigerator Water Filter

waterfilter-sidebyside-smNow many refrigerators have water filters installed. When you need to change the water filter, do you know how to start? Generally, if the refrigerator is a newer one, changings its filter is pretty easy and you can do the job very quickly. The first thing you need to do is to unscrew the old filter on the fridge. You don’t need to turn the water off first, because the water will be shut off once you take the filter out of your fridge. However, you’d better read the instruction book first to ensure it will shut off the water, or you need to make sure the water is shut off first before unscrewing it.

Well, there is another problem. If you are the first time to change its filters, where to get the replacement filter? If you don’t know its brand and model well, you can go to your local hardware store to buy a new one. You can take the old filter and find the one that matches up. And then buy the new one and take it home. I am prone to buy a new one online, because I can save some money. Some online retailers like Home Depot, Lowes, or Amazon offers an affordable price and if you buy more than 1 pack, you can get a discounted price. However, this is based on the fact that you know what you plan to buy and the one you buy can match your fridge.

The installation of twist-on filters and push in filters is different.

Twist on filters:

Generally, twist on filters are installed in the front bottom, the back or inside of your refrigerator. You can find it easily. The reinstallation process is straightforward:

  • Take the old filter out of its housing by turning it a 1/4 turn counterclockwise
  • Its knob will come off and put it on the new water filter
  • Push the new water filter with the knob into the housing
  • Lock it into position by turning a 1/4 turn clockwise
  • Throw away the first gallon of water that dispenses from the new filter, which is helpful to make the carbon residue removed.
  • The final step is very important. You’d better do this once the filter is ready. There is some carbon residue in the new filter and the final step can remove it.

Push In Filters

This kind of water filter is easy to change, because it needs no screwing.

  • There is a button and once you push the button, you can easily take the old filter out.
  • On the old filter, there is a cap. Take it off and put it onto the new filter.
  • Push the new water filter into its position to lock it.
  • Dispense a gallon of water and throw it away, to wash the new filter, because there is always some carbon residue in the new Refrigerator Water Filter.

If you need to purchase some inline water filters online, you can read our latest product reviews: Best Inline Water Filters.

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