Safety Gates buying tips

Why do you need safety gates for your baby

SafetyGatesWhen babies grow up day by day, they have their ability to move. They are curious about everything, so they take actions to go anywhere they like. However, even at home, some places are dangerous. We should prevent them from entering these places, but we cannot watch them all the time. Therefore, a safety gate is a physical barrier which can keep your baby in a safe zone in your house.

There are two kinds of safety gates you can choose from: pressure-mounted gates and hardware-mounted gates. The former one relies on pressure to fix in place. The latter one is sturdier than the former one, because you need to attach it to door frames or surrounding walls with screws. Therefore, it may cost more and take more time to install it. They are ideal for top and bottom of staircases. Pressure mounted gates are perfect for doorways.

Buying tips:

  1. Open easily: You need to find a gate to open easily. If your hands are full or you are in a hurry, it is not convenient for you to hop over the gate. Most hardware-mounted gates open easily, however, some pressure-mounted one doesn’t. So when you are choosing a gate, you should pay attention to this feature.
  2. Slates less than 2 3/8 inches apart: No matter vertical or horizontal slats, it is highly recommend that they are less than 2 3/8 inches apart, or the child’s head may get trapped, leading strangulation and injury.
  3. Don’t purchase a baby gate without an American Society for Testing and Materials/JPMA certification. Choose the one which meets safety standards. Don’t trust manufacturers’ on their bare word. Not all the products meet safety standards even they are from the same company.
  4. If you need a large area to protect, you may need to buy more than one to encircle together, so make sure the gate has interlocking sections. Don’t use old gates which have large diamond-shaped gaps. These gaps may make a child’s head get stuck. Even if the old ones have been pulled off the market since 1985, there are some in the secondhand market. The latest ones have smaller gaps, no more than 1 1/2 inches.

Where to buy?

You can buy one on Amazon, because there are baby gates from different companies. You choose one according to your preference. The prices are various, depending on your requirements. What’s more, there are many valuable safety gates reviews by real users.

Know Some Solar Power Facts For Your Home Solar Power System

Solar power is becoming more and more popular in recent years due to the development of science and technology. Photoelectric conversion efficiency has been improved. If you plan to add some solar panels to your house, you should some basic solar power facts before buying them. Solar panels can help you cut energy costs because they are self-sufficient.


The following facts can help you a general understanding of solar power.

  • Solar energy doesn’t mean using solar panels to generate electricity power but other formes of usage, such as to heat water,
  • Solar energy means we can get energy from the sun. We can use solar energy to heat the water and to generate electricity. Solar energy has been used widely, such as heating your house, heating your swimming pool, or power lighting. Like hydropower and wind power, solar power is one of the renewable energy resources in the world.
  • William Adams discovered solar cells in 1876. From then on, photoelectric conversion efficiency dominates the development of solar energy. Photovoltaic panels are used to convert solar energy into electricity. However, converting efficiency is about 15%, which has been highly improved compared with early solar cells. You may think the efficiency is low, but the plants are about 3% efficient when photosynthesis occurs.
  • A home solar power system can be used alone and you also can connect it into the grid. This is also an investment, called net metering, which means you can sell your extra power to the utility company. If you have established such as system, you won’t pay the bill but make money from the electric company. However, you should calculate the ROI to make sure it is a wise decision.
  • Rechargeable batteries can store the electricity generated by the solar panels during the day and you can use the stored energy at night. Like electricity from the grid, it can be measured in kilowatt-hours.
  • Panels can be mounted on the roof of your house or in your yard. Once you installed them, they feature low maintenance and lasting over 30 years. Most of them are weatherproof and many manufacturers provide a long lifetime warranty.
  • In order to encourage the development of new energies, federal and state tax credits are available for those people who have installed solar power systems in their house.

You may think solar power systems are expensive, but in the long term, it is a good investment on cutting the electricity bills and reducing the carbon footprint of your family. I hope these solar power facts can help you have an overview of home solar power systems.

A&D Ointment – an essential baby cream Reviews

If your baby has suffered from diaper rash, this A&D ointment is your best choice to heal diaper rash. Also you can use it to prevent diaper rash. It is also effective to heal minor cuts and burns. What’s more, if your skin is dry or chafed, this product can really help you, because it can form a protective barrier to seal out wetness.


There are so many creams which can heal the diaper rash, however, according to its customer reviews, this A&D Ointment is the best baby cream.

We collect some typical reviews. May these reviews can help you.

From Mary’s Reviews

She said the price is great. When she saw the price, she didn’t hesitate to get this. Before that she used Boudreaux butt paste, but its price is twice as this A&D Ointment. Beside the cheaper price, her family has reserved this cream for diaper rash. She also said in a long time her family hasn’t needed other more expensive diaper creams.

From Daisy’s review

Daisy said she loved this ointment very much. She used this product for everything. Two years ago, she happened to use it for diaper rash. To her surprise, it worked great. Also she used it for small scraps and cuts. It never disappointed her. She especially likes it light faint scent. She also used it for dry skin. She highly recommends this cream. Works great!

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Pampers Easy Ups Training Pants Reviews

Wearing Pampers Easy Ups Training Pants is a good way to have your babies do potty training during the day and at night. Compared with the leading Huggies Pull Ups Learning Designs, they can hold 25% more liquid. What’s more, Pampers Easy Ups offers easy toddler size to fit the size of the baby’s clothes so that your baby can wear these training pants for a whole night. They are also available for boys.


Product Features:

  • Ideal for potty training
  • Allows to wear them day and night
  • Designed for 18+ months old toddlers or preschoolers
  • Effectively protects against leaks

There are so many parents have bought them for their babies. The rating of this product is 4.2 out of 5 stars. Plenty of reviewers left valuable reviews and some are like the following:

One young mom said her daughter has been wearing Easy Ups for 2 years. Her daughter hasn’t felt uncomfortable. And she plans to make her daughter wear it until she doesn’t need it. She also found these training pants are more comfortable than Huggies pull ups. And the price is cheaper than Huggies pull ups. Therefore, there is no reason not to buy them.

Another mom also shared her experience. She used these for her 2-year-old daughter recently. She found they are more suitable than others. Her daughter felt comfortable. And the size was just the right. Other brands may have leaking problems due to their big sizes.

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Best Facial Cleanser: BURT’S BEES Facial Cleanser Reviews

This BURT’S BEES Facial Cleanser is one of the best facial cleansers on the market so that I have to recommend this product to you. As a famous brand, BURT’S BEES has become more and more popular among young girls and ladies too. Its natural products are safe and effective. This is why I decided to have a try when I first found it. Using the right cleanser to wash our faces is very important.

I was always trying to find one product which cannot only clean my face but also can improve my skin condition. To my disappointment, many products I used contain heavy metals. I had to give up these bad facial products. My face’s skin is very sensitive. I also used some high quality facial products with high prices too. The good news is that they are gentle and perfect to clean away dirt, makeup and oil on my face without over irritating or drying the skin. However, the bad news is that the cleaning ability is too strong to clean the skin nutrient and humidity too. This is too bad. I cannot bear them because they ruin my face. I have to search for other best facial cleanser.


This BURT’S BEES Facial Cleanser is special and natural without any petrochemicals, phthalates or parabens. BURT’S BEES claimed that this product is 99% natural. It doesn’t contain any harmful nutrient to the skin at all. After a few days of use, my skin is not too much dry than before, so I decide to keep using it. My skin condition has improved recently. Many friends asked me how I did that when they saw my soft and silky skin. Of course, I told them the truth about this top facial cleanser.

Due to its soap free feature, it cannot lather, so don’t need to worry about this. I felt nice when I use it on my face. It seems a little oily. I thought the oil feeling might remain after rinsing it off. To my surprise, I have not any oil feeling after rinsing. It is effective to remove both oil and dirt on my face perfectly. I know I have found the right one for my face.

I highly recommend this best facial cleanser due to its effectiveness and lower price.

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