Makita LCT200W 18v Compact Lithium-Ion Combo Kit Reviews

My wife sent me this drill as my Christmas present. But I did not feel so happy. My previous drill was a craftsman cordless drill. I need a drill which can replace the previous one. At first, I didn’t think this Makita LCT200W can do the job. This driller is lighter than my old one. I guess the lighter slim battery reduces the whole weight of the drill. I used other cordless drills which always have huge batteries. So this design is welcome. It makes the whole weight and size of this model more tolerable.


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I also found this tool is a powerful tool. I don’t understand more about the torque and other stuff, but I can tell you the using experience. It can easily and fast drill through most of the things. I have used this drill to look for things both outside and inside my house to do. I cannot help waiting to find them. I begin to love this powerful tool.

I even laughed at the LED light. I think this is useless. I will not use it any more.

Finally, I found this best cordless drill can completely replace my old one. I feel so happy I’ve got such a great drill. Especially, after recently I do some task in my son’s house, this tool is proven the valuable one.

This Combo Kit comes with two tools: a driller and a driver. I am happy I get them together. I don’t use the driver too often, but it works fine. I have nothing to find fault.

One thing that I feel unhappy with is the bag. In fact, I would like a smaller tool box which I can carry only the drill, batteries and charger. The only bag is a hefty sized one which is able to contain the drill and driver as well as other hardware. Maybe for most people, this is not a big problem.

All in a word, the advantages of this tool outweigh the disadvantages. My wife bought it on I check the price recently. The price is less than $200 and this model’s rating is 4.6 out of 5—a relatively high rating compared with other cordless drills. There are over 200 customer reviews. I have to admit my wife choose the right tool for me.

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Ryobi P202 18V Drill Reviews

If you are looking for a cordless drill for professional work, I will not recommend this Ryobi P202 18V Drill to you. However, if you are just a DIYer or a weekend warrior, I highly recommend having this tool. Maybe many people think this model has a bad color scheme. However, we cannot judge it by its appearance. The fact is that this drill is really a solid tool with some good features


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Despite the ugly yellow color, it is easy to catch your eyes, which means you can find it easily and you don’t misplace it. The identifiable feature makes you not miss your drill in the workplace. The color is so different compared with other models available on the market.

Another advantage of this tool is the bit holder which is magnetic. You may think this feature is so widely used now, but a drill with this feature is very cool and convenient.

One thing you should know is that this drill is not a workhorse for outside jobs; it is perfect for the job around the house. It is adequate to handle any drilling job both outside and inside your house.

The performance of the battery is also good and it can last a long time without a recharging. Also there are battery charger icons which can easily tell you when you need to recharge the battery.


One problem is the slippery clutch ring. It is a nuisance when you are working. But this is not a big problem if you do some projects in the home or in the shop. The biggest problem is that you need to put a huge force to pull out the battery.

All in a word, considering the price and the target customers, this cordless drill is one of the best cordless drills for people who are average DIYers and weekend warriors. The rating of this model on is over 4.6 out of 5, which has proven that this drill is a worthy buying.

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How to Choose the best cordless drill

There are so many cordless drills we can choose on the market, but which is the best one you can rely on?

Bosch-HDS181-02You can choose a low price drill just for $40 or you can buy an expensive one for up to $300. Maybe it’s difficult to choose a low price one or an expensive one. However, this is up to you. It’s up to your needs. Reading some cordless drill reviews can help you find the right tool.

All these drills have their advantages and disadvantages. Cheaper models may have lower power than others, while expensive ones may be too heavy. Every drill is specially designed to a different user. We do some researches and write reviews to help you find the right tool.

You may feel frustrated because you don’t know which features you really need when choosing a cordless drill. And some features may be not so important to you. You don’t need to pay for useless features. So sometimes choosing an expensive ono with high-end features is not wise. In the following, we list some ideas that can give you some advice.

How to choose the best cordless drill

There is huge number of drills coming from different manufacturers. Makit, Bosch and Dewalt produce top line cordless drill with a high price. Black and deck are in the middle tier manufacturers. There are lower price drills manufactured by Draper, Skil and other manufacturers.

These manufacturers produce different products with different prices. These products are all great in their market segment. You need to consider what types of use you buy a drill and go to buy one.

If you just need a drill to do the drilling job around the house, you don’t need to buy an expensive. The features of a cheap one are enough to you. In this situation, you can buy a Bosch drill only for about $100. However, if you are a professional or a serious DIYer, you can choose an expensive one with professional features. You can choose a Dewalt cordless drill for over $200. So the most important thing you need to consider is what you want your drill to do. Once you know your needs, you will get your best cordless drill according to your real needs. And the battery is also very important. Try to choose lithium ion battery because of the latest technology. So you’d bettle choose one coming with a lithium ion battery.

Top 10 Best Makita Cordless Drills Reviews

A drill is an essential tool for people who have a home and want to undergo their renovation. In most of situations, a drill can be used. Having a best cordless drill is a wise decision. It can be used easily and it allows you to carry it to anywhere you like. If you have one, it makes renovations in any part of your home possible. Even when there is no outlet to plug in the drill, you can do your job because of its cordless feature. There are many manufacturers who manufacture good ones. But which one is the best one. Maybe different people have different needs, so the best one is different to different people. But if you choose the right manufacturer, at least you have succeeded a half. Makita is such a manufacturer you can trust. Makita is one of the top lined drill manufacturers, offering different kinds of drills to homeowners to choose from according to their needs. We pick up the top 10 best cordless drills from Makita for you. You can choose one of them as your essential tool in your tool’s bag.

1. Makita LXFD01CW 1/2 Inch Driver-Drill Kit


This Makita LXFD01CW is one of the best cordless drills from Makita. Its weight is only 3.3 pounds. It only takes about 15 minutes to fully charge the batteries and it can last over 2 times longer than other cordless drills on the market. Only 15 minutes charging time is a very cool feature.

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2. Makita FD02W 3/8Inch Drill-Driver Kit


This is a 12v drill with black and white color. And this Makita FD02W can offer over 200 inch-pounds of torque in such a small size. It’s only 10.87 inches tall and the lightweight and compact design is great. Also a LED light is built-in the drill to help people to work in a dark environment.

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3. Makita LCT300W 18v Compact Cordless 3-Piece Combo Kit


This is a 3-pice combo kit. Except the drill/driver, this kit also includes a 4-position flashlight which you can use to illuminate your workplace. The highlight can last at least 2 hours after fully charging. Makita LCT300W is an 18v half inch drill which can offer up to 480 inch-pounds of torque. The quality is also great. There are a 3-year warranty on tools and 1-year warranty on other parts.

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4. Makita LXT218 18v Lithium-Ion Cordless 2-Piece Combo Kit


Because of ultra-compact design, this Makita LXT218 inches long 10 inch long. What’s more, built-in LED lights can illuminate the workplace if in a dark environment. Two speeds for drilling, driving and hammering settings allow you to have more options for your task. Although it may take a little long time to fully charge the batteries than other models, this drill has relatively longer battery life.

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5. Makita LCT314W 12v Lithium-Ion Cordless 3-Piece Combo Kit


The white and black color scheme makes this tool clean. This drill can deliver up to 800 inch-pounds of torque. A fast recharging battery can shorten the time you will spend on your home improvement tasks. Also this kit contains a flashlight which can provide illumination for up to 9 hours.

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6. Makita LXPH01Z 18v 1/2 inch Hammer Driver-Drill


Makita can easily design compact drills for the customers. This LXPH01Z is such a cordless drill. The weight is only 4 pounds and it is only 8 inches long. It can easily deliver 480 inches-pound of torque and it works between low and high speeds. The highest speed it can reach is up to 1500 RPM. The wide range of the speeds makes it perfect for all types of tasks: drilling, driving and hammering. This feature cannot be easily found on other models, but this one has got this feature.

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7. Makita TD020DSEW 7.2v Cordless Impact Driver Kit


This Makita RD020DSEW is really a smaller one. It only weighs about 1 pound, which can help you avoid feeling fatigued for a long using it. The compact design and the lightweight make it a true portable drill on the market. However, the chuck size is different from others. It has a 1/4 hex chuck. The battery uses energy saving technology to last for over 2 times than other drills. Although it is small, the LED light is also built in the drill.

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8. Makita BHP454 18v 1/2 inch Hammer Drill Kit


This Makita BHP454 is another compact and well-balanced cordless drill. It has a small switch which can easily change among drill, driver and hammer modes, while other drills may need too much time to turn a dial. Of course, this cordless drill is a worthy buying.

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9. Makita FD01W 12V Lithium-Ion 2 Speed Driver-Drill


As one of the top manufacturer of drills, Makita offers quality and easy to use drills. This Makita FD01W is also a very good compact and lightweight drill. It makes its users feel comfortable while not worrying about dropping it, because the weight is so light. Bulit-in LED light is used to give illumination to the dark workplace.

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10. Makita BHP452Z 18v 1/2 inch Hammer Driver-Drill


This is a portable, lightweight and rugged drill produced by Makita. This drill is sturdy enough to handle even the industrial abuse daily. It can do any drilling tasks for you. This model is only 8 inches long and 4 pound weight, but it can easily deliver 450 inch-pounds of torque. It is a great purchase because it is capable of handling any kind of project.

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No matter what types of cordless drills you are looking for, a lightweight one, a compact one, or a heavy duty one which can easily drill through concrete, Makita drills are your best choice. The 10 best cordless drills from Makita are perfect enough to choose from. You can choose one of the best Makita cordless drills as your essential power tool.

Best Solar Panel reviews

As we know most of our energies we use, in fact, are directly and indirectly from Sun. Solar cells are used to convert sun rays into electricity power. In recent decades, solar energy has become more and more important. Many countries have invested more money in the solar industry. Many solar products have become one part of people’s life. In 1954, Bell laboratories created the first solar cell. They were designed to power toys firstly. When the space age came, solar cells evolved into solar panels which are widely used for the power source for satellites.

With the development of technology, solar panels finally became cost effective. From then on, solar panels are manufactured vastly and becoming cheaper and cheaper. And many people nowadays begin to use solar panels to power their appliances at home. There are a variety of solar panels available on the market. We choose the best solar panels for you to consider.

1. Sunforce 39110 123-Watt High-Efficiency Polycrystalline Solar Panel with Sharp Module


This solar panel offers a 123-watts power. This solar kit is the highest efficiency solar panel from Sunforce. It is easy to use and maintain. 25-year warranty is also a great feature.

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2. Solartech SPM130P 130-Watt 12-Volt Polycrystalline PV Solar Panel


If you take a good use of money to get solar panels, Solartech SPM130P will not disappoint you. They are easy to install and use. If you need more power, you can easily hook them together. Generally, one can provide up to 130 watts, which is enough for most appliances. Also a 25-year warranty is included.

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3. Grape Solar GS-4600-KIT Residential 4,600 Watt Grid-Tied Solar Power System Kit


This Grape Solar GS-4600-KIT Residential 4,600 Watt Grid-Tied Solar Power System Kit is easy to install. What’s more, it qualifies for the 30 percent government tax credit. This solar power system kit offers an inverter which you can use to tie into the grid. This means if you have extra power generated by your solar panel, you can sell it. It can become your investment. After a few years, it can pay for it itself.

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4.Sunlinq Portable Solar Panel Charger 6.5W 12V


This solar panels is foldable and portable. If you have this solar power it, you can carry it anywhere you like and you can use to charge 12v batteries, not worrying about no power.

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5. Solio Classic Universal Hybrid Charger


This is also a portable one, which can provide power to you at places. What’s more, this one comes with built-in batteries, so even without sunlight, you can get power you need.

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