Mini Food Processor

A food processor is best appliance that can be used in the kitchen. It reduces the work done by the person cooking. It does the chopping, mixing, kneading and juicing. It allows multitasking and saves time and energy.

What makes a Food Processor qualify to be a “mini?”

Any food processor bowl that holds a capacity of four or less cups is mainly considered to be a mini. The food processor with a bowl that holds a capacity of two cups or less is known as a food chopper. One thing to know about food processors is that they are never filled to capacity. This can be easily seen especially with liquid food processors where by they are marked full at the middle of the bowl.
Some people may mistake that purchasing a mini processor means lack of finance but this is a false conviction as the processor is usually used and suited for specific purposes only.

Pros of the Mini

The Mini food processor is an ideal choice for small kitchens. The small bowl size ensures that the blade has maximum contact with the food thus ensuring the food is chopped to very tiny pieces. They are mostly useful in chopping herbs and garlic that are required in very small pieces. They make it simple to serve pestos and mayos. The food chopper is helpful in chopping small amounts of food that would actually be very difficult to chop them when using the full sized machine. Full sized machines prevent food from been properly processed as the small quantities of food tend to build up on the sides of the bowl.

Cons of the Mini

It is too small for most kitchens. You can not pasta large batches of dough or knead bread thus you ought to divide the dough into several small batches. Chopping vegetables for an entire family requires small batches. This is time consuming.

What the Reviews conclude

After reading several reviews on the mini food processor, I have split them into three categories:
1.Extremely satisfied

2.Extremely dissatisfied

3.Extreme satisfaction
Some of the mini food processor machines that seem to stand above the rest in customer satisfaction include:

The Cuisinart Mini Prep Plus

It is designed in Italy. This type of food chopper was mostly preferred by a lot of individuals with a whooping 83% support. Its versatility lies in its unique auto reversing blade that makes it easier to process both hard and soft foods. The machine cost approximately $40 as is as large” as is”. This characteristic adds to its versatility.

The Proctor Silex one and a half cup food chopper

About 82% of people using mini food processor express their satisfaction it this type. It is sold at a retail price of $20. It processes a food capacity of 1 ½ cups as its name suggests.
Before deciding to acquire a mini food processor, ensure you find adequate information about each machine through researching its pros and cons. Ensure you get the right machine for the right purpose and the right quantity of food you want processed.

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