Makita LCT200W 18v Compact Lithium-Ion Combo Kit

My wife sent me this drill as my Christmas present. But I did not feel so happy. My previous drill was a craftsman cordless drill. I need a drill which can replace the previous one. At first, I didn’t think this Makita LCT200W can do the job. This driller is lighter than my old one. I guess the lighter slim battery reduces the whole weight of the drill. I used other cordless drills which always have huge batteries. So this design is welcome. It makes the whole weight and size of this model more tolerable.


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I also found this tool is a powerful tool. I don’t understand more about the torque and other stuff, but I can tell you the using experience. It can easily and fast drill through most of the things. I have used this drill to look for things both outside and inside my house to do. I cannot help waiting to find them. I begin to love this powerful tool.

I even laughed at the LED light. I think this is useless. I will not use it any more.

Finally, I found this best cordless drill can completely replace my old one. I feel so happy I’ve got such a great drill. Especially, after recently I do some task in my son’s house, this tool is proven the valuable one.

This Combo Kit comes with two tools: a driller and a driver. I am happy I get them together. I don’t use the driver too often, but it works fine. I have nothing to find fault.

One thing that I feel unhappy with is the bag. In fact, I would like a smaller tool box which I can carry only the drill, batteries and charger. The only bag is a hefty sized one which is able to contain the drill and driver as well as other hardware. Maybe for most people, this is not a big problem.

All in a word, the advantages of this tool outweigh the disadvantages. My wife bought it on I check the price recently. The price is less than $200 and this model’s rating is 4.6 out of 5—a relatively high rating compared with other cordless drills. There are over 200 customer reviews. I have to admit my wife choose the right tool for me.

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