Instructions of stage 1 baby food

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, babies in stage 1 mean they are 4-6 months old. Stage 1 baby  food is liquid food, thin with a little texture. If you are looking for stage 1 food, you will find fewer choice Рfewer foods and fewer manufacturers. However, in order to feed the baby well, you can DIY stage 1 food for your little one, then your baby can enjoy more choices.

There are many kinds of foods on the market. Now, it’s time to do some research of the best baby food. Maybe you think cereal is baby’s first food according to common sense. However, it is not the best choice. There are many recommendations on the web when it comes to baby’s foods. According to these recommendations, you can take vegetables, meats and fruits into consideration. Various foods can make babies grow up better.

First, let’s see some vegetables which are perfect for baby’s foods. You’d better choose these vegetables, such as Peas. Carrots, Sweet Potato, green beans, or Squash. However, the choices are limited due to baby’s poor digestion.


There are many fruits you can choose from, such as apples, avocados, pears, mango, papaya, pumpkin etc.


If you are a traditional person, you also can choose some cereals for your little one. These cereals include Barley, Rice and Oatmeal.


Babies also need meats, because meats include proteins, minerals which are essential to babies. For example, the breastfed baby needs more iron, so chicken is the first choice for the baby to get more iron according to many specialists.


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