How to choose the best tankless water heater

When you choose a tankless water heater, knowing some key features that a heater has may help you make the right choice. If you know nothing about them, maybe you will cost much but don’t get what you need. The following are some key features which the best tankless water heater must have.

1. GPM flow rate

GPM is short for gallons per minute, which is used to measure the water flow rate. You should buy a heater with 5-10 GMP flow rate, ensuring that it can deliver enough hot water while you are enjoying a bath or shower. If you are looking for an outdoor heater, you should at least consider 1 GPM flow rate which ensures continuous hot water you need for a shower.

2 Lightweight Design and Portability

If you have a portable tankless water heater, you can take it to anywhere you like when you travel. You can use it in your favorite cabin, even barn you would like to. The portable features will increase its value and usefulness. Just hook it up and you can use it, you will find you get the money worth. Therefore, choosing a lightweight and portable heater is a good idea.

3. Outdoor Compatibility

Sometimes a portable tankless water heater is only used to take a shower in the outdoors. However, a portable one is designed only for outdoors with a lower GPM flow rate. It cannot be used for indoors because its lower GPM. If a heater is compatible both with the use of indoors and outdoors, it is perfect.

4. Highly Energy Efficiency

The higher energy efficiency, much more money your tankless heater can save to you. So try to choose the one that is rated to be more energy efficient. Then you can fastly recoup your investment on it by savings that it saves for you every month.


5. Warranty, Rating, Manufacurer

Choosing a good water heater which can provide a long time warranty can ensure you make a safe investment. At least, a 1 year warranty is essential. When you choose a heater, you should choose those which have many customer reviews and a high rating. At least 4 stars is needed. Try to choose 4+ rating products with over 20 customer reviews. This ensures you have more information to make a wise purchasing.

Also the manufacture is very important. Good manufacturers can provide you a longer warranty and great customer service. The following manufacturers are good: Bosch, Ecosmart, Rheem, Stiebel Eltron and Rinnaiand.


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