How to check if your breast pump flanges fit

All breast pumps include breast pump flanges. The average size is 24 to 27mm. However, the average size fits to most women but not all women. There are smaller breast pump flanges and large ones. You can choose the right one according to the size of your breast. The sizes differ from 21-36mm and most of them are made of plastic. If you need a large one, you can choose a 40mm glass one.


If your breast pump flange can’t fit to you, it can result in some problems. One obvious problem is that you cannot pump enough breast milk. Another potential problem is that it may make your nipple hurt. This is the worst thing to moms. Well, how to check if your breast pump flanges fits? There are many ways for you to check.

Make sure your nipple freely move in the channel of the breast pump and little or no tissue is inside the tunnel of the breast pump. If you find there is milk still in some areas of your breast, this flange doesn’t fit you. If you feel pain in the nipple, you should change another flange. If you see a white circle at the base of the nipple, this flange is also the right size for you.

If you don’t find the right size, you may need to order some flanges. Don’t use some soft plastic flanges if you go up in size.


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