A good start: Gerber Good Start Gentle Powder

What kind of milk should new moms and dads select for their newborn? This may be a common problem that many parents may have. Because newborns are too young and their digestive ability is poor, selecting 100% nutrition baby power is very important. Gerber Good Start is a well-know brand. This Gerber Good Start Gentle Powder contains Vitamins A, C and E. These vitamins are beneficial to the immune system. This natural formula can provide the little ones with full minerals. It also contains DHA and ARA which are beneficial to the development of brain and eyes. What’s more, Gerber Good Start knows the poor digestion of newborns, so the proteins are easy for newborns to digest and absorb due to the proteins broken down.


One couple already has a son. They have a special philosophy that if they wouldn’t eat the powder, they wouldn’t force their son to eat it. When their daughter was born, they also sticked to this philosophy. At the first 6 months, their daughter was exclusively breastfed. However, when the mom couldn’t supply enough milk, they had to look for some alternatives. They tried many great brands, such as Earth’s Best, Enfamil, then Similac. However, they all tasted worse and smelled terrible. The little one didn’t prefer to drink any of these powders. Finally, one of their friends recommended this Gerber Good Start Gentle Powder. They smelled and tasted this formula and they felt great and believed their daughter would love this. As they wish, their daughter loved it very much.

Many parents have selected this best baby powder for their newborns. Most of the feedback are positive, so the rating is 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon. You can read the reviews on Amazon and you’ll find many useful experiences. To newborns, this baby formula is really a good start.

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