DEWALT DCD760KL 18v Cordless Drill Reviews

DEWAL-DCD760KL-18v-Cordless-DrillAs a cordless drill manufacturer, the brand Dewalt means more. At least, their drills have never made me feel disappointed. This DEWALT DCD760KL is one of the best cordless drills manufactured by Dewalt. Its reliability and power make me feel good about my drilling job.

This model has enough power to drill through anything I use it to drill. This super guy can easily drill through the knots in the wood.

The chuck size of this model is a 1/2 inch chuck, which is proven to be a godsend to me. It has saved me a lot of time on some of my projects. After using this drill with 1/2 inch chuck, I think I will don’t use other drills with 3/8 inch chuck. Also the compact and lightweight design gives me a good impression.

Generally the batteries for drills tend to be huge size batteries. I found recently there are some smaller lithium batteries. However, I haven’t found that Dewalt offered such kinds of batteries, while other manufactures such as Bocsh and Milwaukee begin to offer many small batteries in their new models. But I recommend choosing this best cordless drill because of its reputation, power and reliabilities.

Even though I prefer a slim battery, I love this model because the packs from Dewalt can be changed between each other. This feature is not widely offered by other companies.

The drill can last for a pretty long time if the battery is fully charged. Also the charging time is very short, about 30 minutes. This feature allows you to prepare your job easily. The old types of nickel batteries are not the same. Before doing drilling job, you need to wait a relatively long time to charge the batteries.


  • A true power tool around the house. This cordless drill can help you handle any drilling task around the house.
  • Chuck is easy to use. Changing the chuck is easy and safe. Once the chuck is placed, it doesn’t slip up any more.
  • Fast batteries charge and a longer battery life. Batteries can be used in other 18v Dewalt models.


  • Batteries are bigger than other drills on the marketĀ 

I highly recommend this model. And the average rating of this cordless drill is 4.3 out of 5. There are over 144 consumers’ reviews. Almost most of them think this model is a worthy investment.

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