Cover Girl LashBlast Mascara Reviews

Cover-Girl-LashBlast-MascaraThe bottom line

If you long for ginormous lashes, then Cover Girl LashBlast Mascara is your best choice. Look out Maybelline since it could be the new industry favorite. CoverGirl’s mascaras are very popular. Choosing them is also a good choice if you don’t learn how to start.

This product is affordable and can make your lashes look enormous without any flaking or clumping. And it doesn’t agitate eyes even when you are wearing contacts. It has a patent pending volumizing brush. It is also very easy to clean. You can easily wash off with warm water and soap.


Before deciding buy one to use, like you I also have read many customer reviews. I was motivated by the hype how perfect it was, so finally I bought it. I was firstly shocked by its low price tag and when I bought it I got the lowest price on Amazon. After using it for a couple of days, I had to say it deserved to try. Both the lower price and the great function impressed me. If you are looking for the thickest and longest lashes, you can try this Cover Girl LashBlast Mascara and it will not make you feel disappointed.

This mascara did a great job as its statements said. It helped me volumizing each and every lash. Generally, with extreme volumizing mascara, the eyelashes may clump together or make you end up with terrible smudges. With this one, I don’t have similar problems. It coated each and every lash while at the same time separating them. I didn’t worry about any clumping and smudging problems. What’s more, if you wear contacts, you also don’t need to worry about any irritating. When I was ready to go beg at night, I used my regular facial cleaners and a little warm water to wash away.

Before I used this, I was also a loyal fan of Maybelline. However, now I have to say Cover Girl has already set a new standard for best mascara. Cover Girl has comes in many different mascaras. Maybe one day soon, more and more people begin to give up other brands and be a big fan of CoverGirl for their super great products. If you have felt tired of other your current mascara, you also need to try something new. This Cover Girl LashBlast Mascara is a good start.


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