Choose the Best Pasta Maker for Homemade Pasta


I am a big fan of homemade pasta. Pasta is a great food for a delicious entree or appetizer. Of course, I use my pasta maker to help me do the job. It is so easy to use and is no longer a back breaking task for me. On the contrary, I love the task, because the homemade pasta tastes fresh and better and it is much healthier without any food additive.

If you want to make some homemade pasta, besides other food materials, a good quality and great performance pasta maker is an essential tool, or you can make it by hand only – a very daunting task.

There are many types and brands you can choose from. Well, which is the best one? When I make this list, I mainly focus on their ease of use, durability, performance, counter top or electric models and customer reviews. Choose one of the top 4 best pasta makers and enjoy the making process.

Marcato Pasta Machine


This Marcato Pasta Machine can offer you an easy way of making fresh pasta any time. My machine is also this model. As one of the most popular machines, its body is made of chrome plated steel and cutters and rollers are made of anodized aluminum. It also offers 9-position dial which can regulates thickness of pasta dough. The reason I choose it is mainly because of its great performance and an affordable price. There are other expensive models, but I only need the basic function – pasta making. I don’t want to pay extra money for fancy functions. This model is enough! If you only need a basic one, it is the best choice.

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Cucinapro Imperia Pasta Machines


This is also one of the most popular ones. Its traditional pasta rollers enable you make fresh pasta at home. The roller is 6-inch wide and can make wide fettucini noodles and thin spaghetti. The quality is also perfect. It is made of heavy duty and shiny chromed plated steel. There is no difference between Marcato and Cucinapro Imperia models. You can choose one of them.

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Prago Pragotrade 01-0601-W Roma Express Electric Pasta Machine


If you need an electric machine, you can choose this Weston 01-0601-W Roma Express Electric Pasta Machine. With it, you can easily make thin to 1/10″ thick pasta. You can adjust the nine settings to get different thickness of pasta according to your requirements. The heavy-duty construction and metal housing can make it last for a lifetime of use. Both the wheel pasta cutter and cleaning brush are included. If you have a big family and want to make plenty of pasta, this machine can help you do the task efficiently.

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Fox Run Pasta Machine


Need a more affordable one? You can choose this Fox Run Pasta Machine. It is so affordable but also one of the top rated ones. Many people bought it and spoke highly of it performance. If you only need one to make pasta occasionally, you also don’t need to purchase an expensive one.

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Other models are much cheaper or much expensive. But I highly recommend you to choose one of the top 4 models. According to many customer reviews, they are also high quality ones.

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