Best Wireless Adapter Reviews

Why do you need a wireless adapter? Because such an adapter can make your desktop computer connect to a wireless network by receiving a signal from a router or other similar devices like laptop computers do. You don’t need the complicated cable to connect to the computer any more. This is very useful, if you want to move it or buy a new one.

On the market, there are two main designs – internal or external adapters. You can install the internal cards directly onto the motherboard where there is a PCI slot. Just plug into the PCI slot. Generally they have 1 or 2 antennas which stick out the back of the computer, to find the signal, receive and send data between the computer and router. However, external adapters don’t install on the motherboard but plug into a USB port. They can be very smaller and you can take it anywhere you like. They are more portable than internal adapters, but a little unstable. Therefore, if you always make your computer connect to the wireless network, you’d better choose an internal one. If you feel a little complicated when installing such an internal one, you can choose an external adapter which allows you plug it into the USB port.

When making this list, we have done some research and find some of the best wireless adapters which can deliver great performance and stable data rates. All are suitable for the most popular and latest technology. We also focus on their signal reception. The data transfer rates are also very important when to select an adapter. The following ones are our top rated picks:

TP-LINK TL-WDN4800 Dual Band Wireless N900 PCI Express Adapter


The TP-Link N900 model can offer you the fastest and most reliable wireless data transfer. If you are happening to search for such a fast and reliable adapter, you cannot miss this best wireless adapter. It is an internal adapter which has 3 antennas which stick out of the back of the computer to receive and send a strong signal even at a long distance. This enables you to install your router anywhere you like in your house and don’t worry about the signal problem. It is very easy to install, following the instructions and it will be OK. With its dual-band support, its performance will not disappoint you. It is suitable for any PC.

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Rosewill RNX-N300X PCI Wireless Adapter


This Rosewill RNX-N300X is another wireless networking card which also can deliver great performance like the TP-Link N900. It also comes with 3 antennas. It doesn’t support dual-band and the data rate is not as high as TP-Link model, but you can get a cheap price.

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Edimax EW-7128Gn Wireless Adapter


The Edimax EW-7128Gn has a special antenna which impresses me much. The antenna is not similar to others. There is a very long wire which connects between the card and the antenna. Therefore, you can remove or relocate the antenna as you like to receive stable signals. The only problem is that it has a weak data rate. If this feature is better, of course it is the best one. However, for most families, it is a no big problem. Considering the prices, it is worth buying.

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Netis WF-2113 Wireless N PCI-E Adapter


This one is not as fast as the TP-Link N900, but it is great. If your router is closer to your computer, you don’t need such a long-range support and you can buy this. The price is also affordable.

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Rosewill RNX-N250PCe PCIe Wireless Adapter


Another good choice is the Rosewill RNX-N250PCe which also delivers solid performance. Compared with Netis WF-2113, it is a better choice. Although it is not as fast as other models, it is still a good choice. It has 2 antennas and the price is very cheap.

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