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poolalarmtakegoodcareofkidsIf you have a swimming pool, you really need a pool alarm. Why? It’s because drowning is the second main cause of death in kids who are under the age of 14. If one person cannot breathe oxygen in 2 minutes, he or she will become unconscious and finally die. A pool alarm is used to detect whether the water in the swimming pool has been disturbed. And this can make you react quickly in such an emergency situation and not miss any chance to save one’s life.
If you think this is the only function of a pool alarm, you are wrong. They can do more for you. They can be used to detect any unauthorized pool usage and alert you what has happened in the pool.

To avert a tragedy, the pool alarm is not the only used to limit others’ access to the pool, but also for locked gates and electronic surveillance. In USA, many states have required alarms for gates, fences and pools in order to avert a possible tragedy.

If you want to ensure the safety of your kids, friends and guests around the pool, you really need an alarm. Their safety depends on your decision. Now we have selected some best pool alarms on the market. We consider many factors to make this list. They are all most sensitive to artificially disturbed water and they can give your most accurate alarms. They are also very easy to install and maintain. The prices are not the main factor, because compared with safety, prices are not important.

1 Pool Patrol PA-30 Pool Alarm


This product floats on the top of the water and it is ideal for any in-ground or above-ground pools. To reduce false alarms, you can adjust its sensitivity. It can make a 200 foot remote range under monitoring. The affordable price and good performance make it a good choice for you.

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2 Poolguard PGRM-2 In-Ground Pool Alarm


This alarm is only used for in-ground pool. It is powered by a standard 9v battery. It also comes with a 200 foot remote unit. As one of the bestselling ones on Amazon, although the average rating is not too high, it also deserves a try. At least, it is more popular. Many people have shared their using experience.

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3 SmartPool PoolEye Above Ground Pool Alarm

SmartPool-PoolEyeYou can use this model to avoid any accidental drowning, protecting your above-ground pool. With its specials patented under water wave detector, it can do its best to protect your pool and can eliminate any false alarms caused by rain or wind. You can mounts the sensor inside you pool and it can detects objects over 15 pounds. The sensitivity can also be adjusted. It is also very easy to mount, because it comes with instructions and hardware. If it detects something, the alarm will emit a very loud siren at the control panel mounted nearby. So you know something happens in your pool. It deserves a try.

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4 Techko S187D Safe Pool Alarm

Techko-S187D-Safe-Pool-AlarmThis pool door alarm is very versatile. It is able to monitor your window, door, gate or other entryway to the pool area. it features a 110 dB alarm siren which is a really high output. Once some objects break its magnetic contract without pressing the adult by pass button, it will sounds loudly to remind you. It has two sensors, so you can leave it active by sliding  your glass door open but closing your screen door. It is also approved under UL 2017 standards.

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5 Poolguard PGRM-SB Safety Buoy Pool Alarm

Poolguard-PGRM-SB-Safety-Buoy-Pool-AlarmThis swimming pool alarm is also very versatile. You can use this above ground pool alarm in above ground pools,like soft sided, quick set, portable above pools, spars, some small in ground pools, etc.It is a floating alarm and has been certified by NSF and meets the he astm f2208 pool alarm standard. Therefore, it is safe to sue. It floats on the water and monitors you pool by its sub surface detection technology.It is made in the USA and comes with a remote receiver in your house. What’s more, 1-year warranty is also included. It has some modes, like ready mode ( the initial mode) , sleep mode ( you want to use your pool). Once you have it, you will find it is so powerful and useful.

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The following 2 models are currently unavailable.

6 Aquaguard In-Ground Pool Alarm System


This one can be only used for in-ground pool. It has 2 alarm sirens. One is in the unit and one is in the remote control. Unlike others, it doesn’t monitor the wave activities but detect the water pressure, so it is very accurate and has fewer false alarms. However, the price is a little expensive. And few people plans to get this.

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7 NEW! SENSOR ESPIO In-Ground Swimming Pool Alarm Remote


This is also an expensive one. It can provide you with the loudest alarm sounds which can make you response quickly. It also comes with a wireless remote which also sounds the alarm. However, it seems people don’t like this model. There are fewer people to buy it.

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