Best Outdoor Lighting Options


When it comes to outdoor lighting, you may think they are still stick-shaped lights which are stuck in the dirt along your pathways. However, this is not the whole story. They are different from sizes, styles, colors, shapes and uses. You can do a google search to learn more or browse Pinterest to get more images. Why do we choose them as our outdoor lighting? The reasons are not out-of-the-box. They can welly decorate our new home and garden.

Why do we use outdoor lighting?

At least, there are two reasons that we need to use outdoor lighting: safety and aesthetics. If you receive a listing from your agent, I think the first thing you do is not to see the price but the way they look on the outside. Usually, agents will send you more listings. And you may do the drive to pass these houses and finally tell the agent which one is your favorite. So what this has to do with outdoor lighting?

Usually, buyers don’t have much time during the day and they will only drive by the homes at night when they are free. It is dark outdoors. If there is no outdoor lighting, they will see nothing but the darkness of the homes.

  • If buyers find a house they love, they may drive by the houses at different times of the day – including at night, because they want to see what the neighborhood looks like and whether they feel like.
  • If buyers want to visit the homes when it’s dark, a dark walk way is very dangers for the buyers and agents. What’s more, it will make a bad impression.
  • A dark house looks bad and the visitors don’t feel any welcome.
  • A house with outdoor lighting can make it stand out from others on the street.
  • Houses with well-arranged outdoor lights feel welcoming, inviting and warm.
  • A well-light home looks great and even looks more expensive.

Therefore, there are enough reasons why you should install outdoor lights. Even a single light at the front door or a few path lights along your entry paths is better than nothing at least. The truth is that you have many choices, because there are many different types lights you can have a try.

Different Types of Lighting

According to how the lights receive power, there are 2 main types: solar lighting and traditional low-voltage lighting that can be installed by the homeowners themselves. However, if you plan to install a higher voltage one, it is not recommended to install it by yourself if you are not a professional. In most cases, low-voltage and solar lighting is enough for our landscape lighting.

Variety of Fixtures and Uses

You can find suitable lighting for any purpose and fixtures for any part of your yard. If the budget is limited, at least focus on the front of your home. The first impression your guests may get is Curb appeal which may be the only one your guests don’t get impressed and don’t want to see the inside any more. So it is very important. If you can make it properly, I think they are happy to see the inside.

  • No matter what types of lighting you choose, the first thing you should light your house number. If there is a number on your mailbox, have an attractive vignette at the mail box or the start of your driveway, you’d better light them to make their look nice. Lighting up the exterior vignette is also a good decoration tips.
  • A light on each side of your front door is also a good choice; especially if you have a large doorway or a double door. An inset outdoor entry area or a porch area is also a good place to add some lighting. If your entry or doorways is too small and looks cluttered, adding one on the ceiling is a good idea.
  • Pathways are used to outline your pathway and you can put them along both sides. You can choose the appropriate style according to your style of your yard.
  • Stair lights are installed into the stair riser. When it is dark, they shine on the stair tread, making you feel warm and safe at night.
  • You also can insert lights into the walkway. The effect is perfect. For example, you can take out brick and install a rectangular light that can fit in with pavers or bricks and is safe to walk on.

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