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What is distilled water?

You may find bottled distilled water in labs or stores. Well, what is distilled water? To answer this question, we should learn how to make it. Water we see in natural form has other substances or microorganisms which we can see or cannot see with our eyes. Distilled water doesn’t have any substances and microorganisms, because it is purified by boiling the water to 100 Centigrade, collecting the rising steam and then condensing the steam into liquid water again in a clean container. The liquid water is distilled water. All most of the substances and microorganisms are left in the boiling chamber. The whole process is known as distillation. Therefore, it is an effective way to purify water.

Can You Drink Distilled Water?

The answer is certainly yes. After the process of distillation, the resulting water is purified and more pure than before, so it is safe to drink. However, every coin has two sides. The only disadvantage is that some healthy minerals are gone in distilled water. If these minerals are essential (like calcium, magnesium, iron etc), distilled water may be inferior to mineral water or spring water. However, if the source water contains various amounts of heavy metals or toxic organic compounds, drinking distilled water is a good choice.

Generally, bottled distilled water you can buy at a grocery store was made from drinking water. Therefore, it is safe to drink. If it is made from other water sources, it may be not safe to drink. For example, if the distilled water is made from an industrial source, it is not recommended to drink for the reason that it may contain enough impurities (VOCs) which are not safe for human water drinking.

If the distillation equipment is contaminated, the distilled water may be impure. Therefore, even the bottled distilled water at a grocery may be not pure as we imagine, because we don’t know the whole distillation process and whether the equipment is clean or not.

How to make distilled water at home

If you plan to make distilled water at home, you make a wise decision, because you can know the whole process and it is much more economical than buying bottled water. The only equipment you need is a home water distiller and the operation is also very easy. Follow the instructions, fill the boiling chamber with water and plug it into an electric power supply. That’s all. After a few hours, the distillation process will be closed automatically and you can get clean distilled water.

Best Home Water Distiller

Home water distillers are ideal for people who want to make distilled water to drink at home. Using such a distiller is very easy. It can boil water to 100 centigrade, and then water will be changed into steam which will be condensed and led to another container. All the contaminants are left in the boiling chamber. Generally, such a home distiller is very compact. Therefore, you can take it to anywhere you like. For example, if you plan to go out (abroad) for traveling and worry about the water quality, such a device is essential. We know in some developing countries where water is polluted heavily because of industrial development. In such countries, it is not recommended to drink water from the tap faucet. At home, a distiller is also very useful. If you like making soda or brewing wine at home, a distiller can help you get pure water.

I’ve done some research and the following top 5 best home water distillers were chosen due to their performance, prices and customer reviews. Choose one of them and enjoy the pure water for the sake of health for your family.

1.NEW Mini-Classic ll Counter Top Pure Water Distiller

This model is made from stainless steel and the condense bottle is made of glass, making it the best one on the market. The metal construction makes it very durable and the glass container makes it not expose to plastic. My advice is that if you plan to choose one, avoid plastic containers. Although this product is a little expensive, it deserves to have due to its solid construction and great performance.

2. Waterwise 9000 Countertop Distiller

This Waterwise 9000 is a medium one from Waterwise. You also can find other Waterwise water distillers on the market. This one can make 1.5 gallons water in 4.5 hours.

3. Royal Berkey Water Filter System

This is a heat-less water purifier, so it is perfect for camping and other outdoor activities where is difficult to get access to electricity power. It can make up to 3.25 gallons pure water at a time. It can help you purify lake water or river water. Once you have it, you don’t need to buy bottled water for outdoor camping, saving much money for you.

4. WaterWise 8800 water distiller

Another model from Waterwise is this Waterwise 8800. This model is also quite easy to sue. You just need to fill the boiling chamber with tap water, make it work by pressing the start button and then walk away. About 4 hours later, you can get 1 gallon clean water to drink or cook. What’s more, it is programmable. For example, you can make it work at 3:00 am and you can get purified water at 7:00 am. This design is very good, making you drink refreshing water as you like.

5. Steam Pure Stainlsee Steel Countertop Water Distiller

This model is from Steam Pure. Steam Pure is a famous manufacturer in the USA. Therefore, this one is made in the USA and you don’t need to worry about its quality. It is also made from solid stainless steel. You can get 1 gallon water in 4 hours.


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