Best Gate Alarm

If you have a swimming pool and have installed a pool alarm, you also need to install a gate alarm. Both gates and pool alarms are highly recommended to use together, because this means more layer of protection for your kids and pets. Although they are not lifesaving devices, they are able to alert adults to a happening accident, which can give parents more time to react. On the market, there are plenty of gate alarms and this list of top 5 best pool alarms were chosen due to their effectiveness, ease of use, ratings, prices, as well as customer reviews.

Smartpool YG18 YardGard Programmable Gate/Door/Window Alarm

Smartpool-YG18-YardGard-Programmable-WindowThis best gate alarm is the most popular and top-rated model on this list. Once your gate is opened only at 1or 2 inches, it will alarm immediately, help you not miss any chance to find what is happening near your gate. It comes with a second reset button which allows you to place on the inside of your door or gate. If you want to go out, just press the button, and then go out, but the gate alarm will not be triggered. Its main unit is installed on the outside of the door or gate. If someone tries to entry, a 4-digit pass code needs to be input, or the alarm will be triggered. Therefore, if strangers or your children are not allowed to entry, they will not know the pass code. This feature is only exclusive on this device.

Pool Patrol PA-30 Pool Alarm

Pool-Patrol-PA-30-Pool-Alarm-300x300This model has the lowest sound level on this list and it has a 6-second delay. We make it on our list due to its impressive siren design. It is the only model that has both a siren at the gate and an in-home siren. Although it has a lower sound level, you will find it is so easy to be heard. Plus, it also allows you to make it delay for 15 minutes. This feature is helpful especially you need to open your gate for a long time. For example, you need to move lawn furniture into your backyard.

PoolGuard Pool Door & Gate Alarm with Transmitter

PoolGuard-Pool-Door-Alarm-TransmitterThis best door alarm comes with an indoor alarm with DAPT, and an outdoor alarm with DAPT. Both the DAPT and GAPT offer a 7-second delay, which can be helpful to avoid accidental alarms. It performs well and it is also the loudest model on this list, so you will not miss any alarm.

Safety Turtle GA101B Wireless Gate Alarm

Safety-Turtle-GA101B-Discontinued-ManufacturerThis model is the only gate alarm that doesn’t offer a siren at the gate. It does come with an in-home siren. It also allows you to buy several base stations in order to expand the system. If the battery is very low, it cannot work effectively. Therefore, you need to check its battery. It offers 2 ways to do that. You can press its bypass button to make it run for a test, or you just place it in the test mode. However, it is also the most expensive models on this list. The Safety Turtle Wristband alarm and Safety Turtle gate alarm are able to be paired to work, so they can alarm the same base stating, offering more protection.

Techko S187D Safe Pool Alarm

Techko-S187D-Safe-Pool-AlarmIf you need a cheaper gate alarm, this Techko S087 is a good choice. However, it seems a little complicated to install. It offers nylon straps to secure its magnetic switches, but these traps don’t fit the gate very well. Therefore, it is not recommended for those who don’t like DIYing. Well, it is really cheap.

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