Best Food Processor

An ideal food processor should provide you with value for your money. It should be durable and well equipped with different accessories like cutting discs and blades. The machine should be able to accommodate different recipes and functions such as chopping vegetables, mixing dough and shredding cheese among many others. The best food processors should be suitable for all your needs ranging from blending your toddlers food to preparing sumptuous meals. The best food processor reviews should cover the critical areas mentioned below:

The Quality of the Product

Some of the existing users of food processors could have written reviews on the brands that they use. Such reviews will provide you with unbiased information that covers the functionality and reliability of the machine. As you make your selection, you should find out the warrant duration provided by the manufacturer since this is a sign of the quality of the machine.


For an eleven cup food processor, nine pounds to sixteen pounds is ideal. The dimensions of the processor should also be determined. Ideally, it should comfortably sit on the regular counter-tops without having to occupy excess space. Also, it should not be too heavy. Majority of the food processors available for sale have a work bowl fluid capacity that is a half of the cup size provided. For example, the nine cup processor is ideal for a family that comprises of four members. Spillage is prevented during the blending of the solids.

Four Cups or Smaller – Mini Processor

In majority of the reviews, the four cup processor is referred to as the mini food processor. It is mainly used for small preparations like dicing onion or mincing garlic. So as to hasten your mincing or chopping time, the mini size food processor is an ideal choice.

The Compact Food Processor

It is a five to eight cup processor and is suitable for a small family. This range of food processors can do everything the full size one can do, but, in a small scale.

Full Size Food Processors

These are nine cups and above food processors. With this machine, whipping up dinner for ten is quite simple. As you research, you will notice that majority of the reviews recommend this kind of food processors. Since you can use a bigger machine for smaller jobs and not vice versa, then this machine is definitely worth the buy.


The first thing that catches your attention as you shop for any item is its appearance. Today, majority of the consumers opt for shiny metallic and sleek processors or those that are either black or white bodied. It is imperative for the food processor that you select to look presentable. Find out more information on the color selections available for the specific brand of food processor that you are interested in buying.

Pulse Control and Power

Usually, the motor needs the same power ratio as compared to the machine size, otherwise the results that you get will be inconsistent. Big machines have a larger motor as compared to their smaller counterparts.

In a nutshell, the food processor machine that you buy should also be easy to clean. The machines available today are dish washer friendly. Since there are processors that cannot be cleaned using a dish washer, take time to read the cleaning instructions attached.

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