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If you love bodyboarding, I think it is mainly because of its challenging and enjoyable features, which allow you not to stand up to surf. However, if you choose the right board, you also can stand up while surfing. If you want to bodyboarding, choosing one of the best bodyboard can help you surf happily. There are so many bodyboards which are made from different materials and come in different designs. You can use a bodyboard to have a nice day at the beach or you just need one to advance your surfing skill. Choosing what type of bodyboard depends on your budget and skill. The best one is the one which is lightweight, impermeable and has the correct size. Choosing the right length is also very important. The board is better to be as tall as your belly button, when you are standing up. Different prices are mainly because of its different materials of core, deck and undercoating.

The following best bodyboards were selected because they are easy to maneuver, fast and made from durable materials. Customer reviews and ratings were also taken into consideration.

1. Airwalk System 25 42.5″ Yellow Bodyboard

Airwalk-System-Yellow-BodyboardI especially like its color and affordable price. This one is designed for speed and lift. If you just want to find one which is fast and lift, this product is the right choice. As a rider, I can try my hand with dropped knee riding thanks to its crescent tail and narrow nose. Anyway, I like the yellow color, because it can be seen by others easily.

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2. Nomad Matt Lackey Signature PE 42″ Bodyboard


Want to enjoy DK riding? This one is the better choice, because it is especially designed for DK riding. It uses the latest technology to make Drop Knee bodyboarding into a whole new level. It has no channels but has a crescent tail, making it fast and easy to maneuver.

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3. Cartel Paul Roach LTD Bodyboard


This Cartel Paul Roach LTD Bodyboard can make you surf fast no matter you ride drop knee or prone. It is easy to maneuver and comfortable to ride. It features an EPS core which is lightweight and exceptionally buoyant, making it the ideal choice for riders who want to ride like a professional.

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4. Custom X Brian Wise Model Bodyboard


If you are looking for one bodyboard which is fast and easy to maneuver, this Custom X Brian Wise Model Bodyboard is a good alternative, because it is designed for maneuver and speed. As the latest version of Brian Wise model, it has a crescent tail and a narrow body which can provide you the fastest board. You also don’t need to worry about its price. It is affordable. It comes in 2 sizes – 41” and 42”. And you can choose the right one according to your size and ability.

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5. No. 6 Covenant V2 Elite 43.5″ Bodyboard


If you are looking for ultimate one which has ultimate speed and lift, you can select this No. 6 Covenant V2 Elite 43.5″ Bodyboard. Its channels have been redesigned to creat an air pocket. What’s more, it has the Surlyn Slick undercoating. This one is perfect for anyone who wants to advance their skills.

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