Best Baby Monitor: Withings Smart Baby Monitor Review

If you are looking for a baby monitor that you can use to watch your baby on your iphone, ipad or android, you cannot miss this best baby monitor: Withings Smart Baby Monitor. Unlike other baby monitor, you can watch your baby on your phone. This feature is very cool. It means you don’t need to bring any other device along with you, just your phone.

The following I will tell you is about its great features. If you have a baby now, you really need a baby monitor, because we are so busy with our work or housework that we don’t have enough time to take care of the babies all the time. A baby monitor can tell you the activities of your baby.


Product Features:

  • You can use your phone (iphone or android phone) and ipad to watch your baby conveniently, high-resolution video and clear
  • It is able to play lullabies, turn on the night light and allow you to talk to your baby
  • It can monitor temperature, motion, nosies and even humidity in your baby’s room
  • You can watch your baby anytime and anywhere

Always watch your baby on your phone or ipad

The reason we buy a baby monitor to watch our babies is that we want to watch our babies clearly and conviently. This monitor enables us to watch your baby on your phone or ipad, which is very convinient. Even you are out, on the road, or working, you can use your phone to watch or communicate your baby. You will feel your baby is near you all the time.

Clear sound and high resolution video

As a baby monitor, high resolution is very important, which can help us to see the baby more clearly. Or if the monitor is fuzzy and dim, we cannot notice whether the baby is crying. If we are at home, we can go to the baby’s room to see what happens. However, if we go out and want to hear whether the baby is crying, a baby monitor with high resolution video and a clear voice can help us a lot.

Remote communication with your baby

I really like this feature. Nowadays we are busy with work and don’t have time to look after our babies or children and sometimes we leave them alone. They will feel lonely. Now if you have got this monitor, you can communicate your baby remotely and conviniently. You can talk to your baby, or you can play lullabies, or even you can turn the multicolor night light on. Just use your phone and you can do that.

Monitor temperature, motion, nosies and even humidity in your baby’s room

This feature is also very useful. We must know the temperature, humidity, motion and noise in the baby’s room. If we can get the information, we can take a good care of the baby. Babies are not strong enough. So sometimes environment such as temperature may make babies uncomfortable. Therefore, it is essential to know these environmental factors.

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