Best Baby Carrier: ERGObaby Original Baby Carrier Review

This ERGObaby Original Baby Carrier is one of the best baby carriers available on the market. This carrier I haven’t recommended before attracts me, because of its 100% cotton, shoulder straps, easy to wash and comfortable features.


As a parent, I love this ERGObaby Original Baby Carrier every much. My little baby is 8 months old and I dress in this baby carrier with my son every day. It’s very comfortable and lightweight. I can feel the weight of my son who is nearly 20lb. Also it fits both me and my husband very well. It’s wonderful, because my husband and I have different sized body. Its design is useful.

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This baby carrier is made of 100% cotton. It is very safe for babies. As baby products, the most important feature is the safety. Our babies are fragile. We need to do our best to protect them. This baby carrier can satisfy our needs. 100% cotton is very safe.


The second impressing feature is that it is very comfortable. We need to carry our babies on our shoulders for a long time, which is very miserable. One of the solutions is to reduce the weight on the shoulders. Another way is to distribute the weight evenly. This baby carrier does distribute the weight evenly. Parents will feel soft and comfortable.ERGObaby01 ERGObaby02

Easy to wash

If it is dirty, you need to wash it. This carrier is easy to wash and can be washed by machines, but you’d better add some mild detergent. For parents, the washing way is convenient and for the baby they will feel comfortable after it has been washed. In order to protect it, you should choose a delicate cycle to dry on it.

Wide Padded shoulder straps

The fourth advantage of this best baby carrier is its padded shoulder straps, which can be extended from 24-45 inches. The bigger area of the padded shoulder straps can make parents feel comfortable, because of less pressure. Therefore, this carrier adapts wide shoulder straps, which make parents feel comfortable.

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