Baby’s Best Love – Leachco Infant Bath Pad Reviews

We know both moms and babies enjoy having a good time during the baby’s bathtime, if you choose the right bather for your little one. The Leachco Infant Bath Pad can help you make your baby have a fun bathtime, leaving a good memory. This bath pillow is cushioned softly, making you bathe your little one in the bathtub or in the kitchen sink, or somewhere else if you are convenient. Its pattern is very cute, which can attract your baby’s attention and make the little one love the bathtime.


If you bathe your little one in the cold, hard baby tubs, the newborn may feel uncomfortable. This bath pad can give your baby’s head a good support and make the head out of the water, nesting the baby’s body safely in place. The soft filling is easy to dry, making it not prone to midew. It can well fit a bathtub a sink. It also can be washed in the machine. Also it comes with s hook for easy drying and storage. It is suitable for babies whose age are between 0 to 9 months.

One mom said this Leachco Safer Bather Infant Bath Pad was the best baby gift she received at her baby shower. When her daughter was born, she bought a baby tub. However, her daughter always slid around in the tub. She had to wait for her husband to help her because her two hands must keep the baby upright. With this super baby gift, she was able to bathe her daughter herself. The pillow can give the baby a good support, making her feel comfortable.

This baby pillow is very popular among new moms. It is really the baby’s best love.


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