A Helper for New Parents: Itzbeen Pocket Nanny Baby Care Timer Reviews

Itzbeen Pocket Nanny Baby Care Timer is a great nursery tool which can help new parents remember the basic needs of their newborns. Developed by a pair of new parents who always forgot the essential details due to their lack of sleep, this timer can remind you of what you have forgotten. Parents don’t need to remember everything, which can waste them more energy. This timer can help parents satisfy all the baby’s needs. It is also a winner of 2007 iParenting Media Award. It is so easy to use due to tis brief instructions. What’s more, even at night, parents can find their way to feed the newborn because of its soft nightlight. This is useful. Parents don’t need to disturb the newborns. And the light will be turned off automatically in 7 minutes, if the soft nightlight is left on. This time is ideal for babies less than 24 months old.


If you have twins, this timer is also useful. Sometimes, we may be confused and we don’t know who have been fed, or other details. If you have this product, it can remind you. Compared with writing the nursery details in a piece of paper, using this time is straightforward and can save your time. You just need to press a button to record the information.

Sometimes, the husband may forget to tell his wife he has done the morning shift. So it is perfect for team care giving. If the family has this product, the husband records what he has done and gives his wife Itzbeen Pocket Nanny Baby Care Timer. The wife is able to know what to the next. It is really a good helper for parents.


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