7 Power Drill Safety Tips When Using Your Drill

When do you use a drill? It’s mainly because it can provide you more power when drilling. Therefore, it requires your proper operating. It’s very important to carefully use a powerful drill. Here are some power drill safety tips we must follow for our safety. Although a drill is a small appliance, but it may hurt you if you don’t use it properly.

Before you begin to use the drill, first read the manual carefully. And this can tell you how to use the drill properly. In the following, we will give 7 safety tips when using a drill.

1. Choose the right drill

It is known that high voltage means more power. However, different jobs may need different RPM. You must choose the right drill to do the right job. If you have low voltage drill to drill some holes in the wall, it is obviously inappropriate. In the same way, you’d better not use a high voltage just to screw nails.

2. Wear safety goggles and gloves

You’d better wear your safety goggles when do the drilling job, because when drilling tiny fragments may fly all over. To avoid hurting your eyes, wearing your safety goggles is a wise decision. In the meantime, safety gloves can protect your hands from hurting.

3. Properly place the chuck

If you don’t use your drill, make sure to take the chuck key off if the drill has the chuck key. Flying chuck key may cause serious injuries. Before using the drill, make sure the chuck is placed properly. Also it’s very important to use the right drill bit. If you want to change the drill bit, first you should turn off the drill.

4. Be careful about the environment

If you want to use it on the wall or in the floor, make sure there are no live wires. And don’t use the drill in a gaseous explosive and wet environment.Be careful:¬†Sparks from it may cause serious problem.

5. Wear Proper Clothe

When doing drilling job, don’t wear loosing clothe, or the drill may be easily caught in the clothes and cause injury. And avoid putting your hand on the trigger if you don’t use it.

6. Keep hand free

Before starting the drilling job, it’s a good idea to keep your hands free. The drill bit may get clogged or bind in the long time use. Turn off the drill and clean it before the next time use. If the drill you use has the reverse torque option, cleaning is much easier.

7. Charge the batteries properly

If you use a cordless drill (many people use them), the batteries are an essential part of the drill. When you need to charge the batteries, make sure the charger you use come with the batteries. If you use some other charger to charge the batteries, both the charger and batteries have the risk of damage. Different batteries may need different voltage and current to charge. You need to check the charger and drill regularly and repair it if necessary. This ensures the drill lasts for a long time.

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