5 Reasons to Take a Good Use of a Roaster Oven to Cook and Bake

Rival-Roaster-Oven-bestWhen it comes to a roaster oven, 2 functions are impressive: cooking and serving. As a popular and practical small kitchen appliance, it looks like a slow cooker, but it is much bigger than a slow cooker. I have to say that this small cooking appliance is very versatile. It can be used for cooking whole chickens, a turkey, food batches, large meat portions and you even can use it to bake bread or pies. In my kitchen, it is an essential for me. At holiday time, you may need to prepare many foods for your family and you’ll find your stove oven cannot do all job. At this time, such a roaster oven can supplement your stove oven well and you don’t need to worry about the overflowing problem.

If you don’t have one, the following 5 reasons can tell you why you need to get such an oven for your kitchen.

  1. A roaster oven can free your stove oven. You can use your stove oven for your dinner’s cooking or baking needs, while a roaster oven can be used for cooking large meals or the turkey. If you plan to host a dinner, this is a big help.
  2. In order not to cause congestion in the stove or food preparation area, it allows you to place it on a stable surface far away from the kitchen’s work triangle. Or you also can place it on the other side of your counter peninsula, making your counter-top space tidy.
  3. Sometimes, using such a roaster oven can save you money, because it uses less energy when you are cooking a small piece of food. If you use a larger range oven, you’ll heat a larger area, wasting much more energy.
  4. If you want to remove a heavy roasting pan from your range oven with your oven mitts , you’ll find it is backing breaking. However, placing a roaster oven at a convenient height is so easy, no bending required.
  5. If the temperature is high, a room may be overheated by a range oven. On the converse, a roaster oven uses less energy and transfers less heat o your room, similar to a large slow cooker. Therefore, when you want to cook something, think about your roaster oven first. If it cannot work, then use your range oven or stove oven.

In my kitchen, I have a Hamilton Beach 32229 22 qt. Roaster Oven. It works well to roaster chickens or a turkey. It always leaves the food’s skin a nice golden color. I also used it to bake bread or pies and it never disappoints me. Now, I try to use my Hamilton Beach 32229 at the most and cooking time is similar to my range oven.

It is easy to use and don’t need to lift the lid to check on cooking. I am used to trust this oven to cook once I have set what types of cooking. What’s more, the constant monitoring is not needed, making me do more things at the same time.

I also use it to cook a lot of chili or bake several whole potatoes when hosting some big events. Foods serve well because it can keep foods at a safe serving temperature. What’s more, it never overheats my kitchen and room.

My oven is a 22 qt. one. And there are other sizes you can choose from. According to your needs, choose the right size. Although it may be a little larger, it is not heavy. It may cost you a little bulky, but it deserves.

At last, you can read my reviews of the best roaster oven and choose the right one.


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