5 Reasons to read customer reviews before making a buying decision


You may feel frustrated when you decide to make a buying decision, because there are so many items on the market and you don’t know which one is the ideal one for you. However, customer reviews can help you and let you know as the seller who knows which one is a great deal and which one is turned out to be a total flop. These product reviews were left by the customer who has bought and used this product. Therefore, their reviews can help you know whether the product meets your requirements.

As a would-be shopper, I was used to glance at the average rating and think this rating is enough for me to make a wise decision. However, this turned out to be a false. I’ve missed some of the valuable information which is not found in the advertised details and the manual. Now I tend to read the customer reviews first, because the rating is skewed and don’t tell us more information. The product we need is that one which meets our needs. Therefore, some reviews are not objective or only reflect one person’s experience. However, this can affect the rating. There is no perfect product in the world. The perfect product is the one meets my needs but may be not yours.

Therefore, reading through consumer reviews is able to allow you to make a wise buying decision. The key point is that you have to sift through the details and find the key features which really matter. The following tips can help you a lot.

1. Consumer Satisfaction

The first thing we need to focus on is the consumer satisfaction. You should know how the product performed. Does this product is liked by most of the consumers? If you decide to buy from the retailer’s site, customer comments are very important. However, the product rating is not affected by these factors that how badly the product was packaged and how timely the package reaches to your hands. So you can skip these retailer-related comments and only rely on the information how the consumer liked this item.

2. Function, Use & Care Tips

Although tips are useful, you also need to look for them in the review. You can find some useful practical information on how to use the functions and features. This can help you know how to take a good use of the product, making it more versatile and useful to you. Therefore, you can get the most out of your purchase.

You also need to pick up on design flaws and whether the product performs as the ads advocate. This can prevent you from purchasing a flawed item or one which doesn’t meet your needs.

Large retailers (amazon.com for example) provide the manufacturer. Therefore, if you find there are fewer comments, you can go straight to the manufacturer’s site to read more customer reviews, more product details and features, installation requirements, find care tips, FAQ’s and more.

However, I always find that manufacturers or retails offer less product details, making it more complicated to make a wise buying decision. This means browsing some review sites to get more information is a good start. You also need to consider the size of your space, especially for a large appliance. Therefore, reading the installation requirements is a good start before making a buying decision.

3. Special Installation Details

Some items need tools to assemble and install, while the package may not include these tools. You should pay attention to this. Some products are easy to install and you can do it yourself with your own ordinary tools. However, some products are so complicated and you will face the problem of lacking essential tools and you may need to hire a professional man to set it up, which may cost you more money. Reviews can make you know the level of difficulty, tools you need, or even a different set-up approach which you cannot discover in the manual. This can make the installation much easier and you can use it in a short time. Generally, if you do this without reading reviews, you may improperly set it up, which may cause downtime and cost your money for repair.

4. Overall Product Value

Generally, expensive models may not be the ideal one for you, because price acceptance is based on the lifestyle and budgets, which are different between consumers. Therefore, we should pay attention to the overall product value and find the most suitable product. And you will find some positive reviews and negative reviews. However, both of them only reflect the reviewers’ feeling, not yours. There are some functions you may not use in the future. Why do you need to pay for them? Therefore, you may find reasonable price-wise one which may not be suitable for someone else.

5. Comparable Pricing

We are prone to mention any great deals for the product, because we feel happy to buy it with fewer bucks. And this can influence where we buy it. By reading product reviews, we can also compare prices and decide where to buy to save our money. Reviewers usually compare the product to a similar one that they have used for many years. This is useful, because it can help you quickly short list between models or brands. The prices from different retailers may be huge, which can save you much money. Therefore, comparing prices between retailers can save you much.

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